Issue #14 December 2005

The making of the Fedora logo

Open source in the real world

Open source isn't just for software anymore—people in all walks of life are recognizing that transparency and collaboration are effective ways of doing business. From community service to community-building, graphic design to home design, we've found examples of folks sharing knowledge to create better work... and perhaps even a better world.

Featured articles:

The making of the Fedora logo

We all know what the open source model can do for building software. But what about designing a logo? That's exactly what the Fedora™ Foundation did. Read how Fedora got a mark with more than just good looks.

Making One Laptop per Child a reality

Every child deserves a modern education, and it's the goal of the OLPC initiative to develop the technology to make it possible. To build a $100 laptop that works across the globe, no matter how remote the location. Learn how open source techniques power the process.

Open source collaboration meets construction

Think software is the only industry restricted by licenses and closed-source programs? Check out the saga of one intrepid home-builder (and her husband) who wanted to build their new house the open-source way.

Creative Commons runs annual fund-raising drive

What charities benefit humanity's legacy? Those that protect the evolution of intellectual property from the creator's perspective. Help Creative Commons protect our art so it flourishes collaboratively.

Doing more with... more: Dual-head display

Is your desktop too cluttered? Wish you had a bigger screen? How about a second screen instead? Follow these steps to set up dual monitors using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4 or Fedora™ Core 4.

The virtues of Xen

Xen gives you the manning station you've dreamed about: just you, one monitor and your own little virtual fuselage full of operating systems. Read what developers Rik van Riel and Daniel Veillard have to say.

Open Invention Network to protect against patent threat

Consider this effort similar to the 1765 Stamp Act protest of Ben Franklin. It may not be about letterhead and imported paper, but it is about representational democracy. Hear the call of freedom.

Music to make code by

It's just you, a workstation, a pair of headphones, a triple latte, and a few thousand lines of code. In times like these the right music is critical. Music fans at Red Hat offer some advice.

Answers to your top 10 support questions

  Catch the answers to the most popular questions our support engineers hear, all in one flash film. Watch the step-by-step demos that explain how to register, set up, and improve your deployment 10 easy ways.

Fedora Ambassadors Program takes flight

The Fedora Foundation is taking shape, and spreading the word at a tradeshow near you. Hear from current ambassadors, and find out if you qualify for office.

Developing database-driven applications on Linux

Suspect in the future you'll grow your business BIG but for now the investment isn't justified? Well, play like the big boys but for a free ride: test drive Oracle database 10g Express.

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