Issue #15 January 2006


Last month's contest: Music to make code by, part 2

In last month's Red Hat Magazine we asked Red Hatters to offer suggestions for their favorite coding music--the music they listened to when they had to focus and get work done.

And for last month's Red Hat Magazine contest, we turned the turntables over to you. We asked for your favorite 10-song playlist and you didn't let us down. We've collected a few responses here in order to bring you... Music to make code by part 2.

First, our winner:

Chris Stark

  1. Peter Gabriel & Sinead O'Connor - Blood of Eden
  2. Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale
  3. Tool - Forty Six
  4. Liquid Tension Experiment - Kindred Spirits
  5. Bally Sagoo - Tum Bin Jiya
  6. Oingo Boingo - Just Another Day
  7. The Beatles - A Day In The Life
  8. Mudvayne - Not Falling
  9. Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
  10. Maroon 5 - This Love

I like my music mix to give me a range of emotional experiences. Too much rock or metal makes me pound too hard on my keyboard, but too much of anything anything else and I risk getting bored--although anything with a good groove keeps me typing with far less complaining. :)

And a few more carefully considered entries from Red Hat Magazine readers:

Aleh Saiko

  1. Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark
  2. Paradise lost - Redshift
  3. Deep purple - Sometimes I feel like screaming
  4. Godsmack - Bad religion
  5. Helloween - Mrs. God
  6. Keith Caputo - New York city
  7. Kreator - Forever
  8. Motorhead - In the name of tragedy
  9. System of a Down - Soldier side
  10. Helloween - The dark ride

Tunes 3 and 6 are more mellow (so is 9), that's why they go well with a nice and quiet day. The rest, well, rock! Awesome beats, a lot of power and energy - those tracks make me work like a madman, especially when under pressure like getting a late project out.

Robert Masters

  1. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells - Pt.1 & Pt.2
  2. The Alan Parsons Project: Tales of Mystery and Imagination - The Fall of the House of Usher
  3. Jean Micheal Jarre: Zoolook - Blah Blah Cafe
  4. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon - Eclipse
  5. This Mortal Coil: It'll End in Tears - Song to the Siren
  6. This Mortal Coil: Blood - You and Your Sister
  7. Sinead O'Connor: The Lion and the Cobra - Jackie
  8. Kate Bush: ??(Best of) - Wuthering Heights
  9. New Order: Substance - Bizarre Love Triangle

Mainly introspective instrumentals, these keep the creative processes running without being distracting (Try to concentrate while listening to TMBG!), with a handful of other items to keep the interest running later in the collection. The compilation opens with one of the definitive modern instrumental works, and finishes off with a classic work from one of the most notorious english bands of the 1980s. In between we have the haunting vocals of the Cocteau Twins and the Breeders(in the guise of This Mortal Coil), and two of Alan Parsons' most ambitious works.

January contest: Asia trivia travels

This month Red Hat Magazine took you on a tour of Asia. Now it's time to see what you know. Below are 10 tough trivia questions relating to Asia. Well, mostly. Sharpen your search-engine skills and take a shot.

We will choose a winner based on who has the most correct answers. In the event there is more than one entry with all of the questions correct, we'll choose a winner at random and will think you're all brilliant.

The winner will get his or her name published in next month's issue (alongside the correct answers) and receive a Cool Stuff Store gift certificate (approximate retail value $20.00).

  1. What is the first letter of the first name of the mayor of the capital of India's largest state?
  2. Which organization loaned Tai Shan's mom to the US?
  3. What movie is Michael Tiemann quoting in his Red Hat Magazine article this month when he talks about India stirring the imagination?
  4. This country is separated by the South China Sea.
  5. If you ran the length of the Great Wall of China, approximately how many marathons could you have run instead?
  6. It's 10 a.m. Wednesday at Red Hat headquarters. You're calling Red Hat's headquarters in India. What time is it there?
  7. What's this Sunday? (Assuming today is January 24.)
  8. No, not created in the country it's most closely associated with, this was supposedly created when some Brits added a can of Campbell's to Tandoori chicken.
  9. The project to build what will become the world's largest hydroelectric dam was started in this year.
  10. Speaking of travel... if you stay at the Summit, where will you sleep?

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