Issue #16 February 2006

This year the Summit comes to the friendly and fun city of Nashville. We've got an exclusive look. But when it comes to Nashville, words aren't enough. Check out our photo tour that shows off Nashville's musical character, and hear how one Summit attendee last year landed a job at Red Hat. We'll see you there.

Featured articles:

How the Summit changed my life

creative commons  A year ago, RHCE® Jon Benedict was bored at work, and looking for a new place to hang his hat. He attended the Red Hat Summit, and everything fell into place. Read his story or listen to the podcast.

A long talk with Cory Doctorow, part 2

creative commons  The final half of our two-part series on Summit speaker Cory Doctorow. All you ever wanted to know about the state of digital freedom, but didn't know who to ask. We've also got a transcript of the interview, as well as a podcast of the highlights. And don't forget the first half, from last month's issue.

A photo tour of Nashville

Nashville is a city meant to be heard, but the sights aren't bad either. Join us as we take a closer look at the streets and spirit of Nashville.

Summit keynote speaker: Nicholas Negroponte

Since he couldn't stop for an interview, we've compiled a great list of fast facts about this popular speaker, philanthropist, and technology guru.

Summit tracks

See the list of topical tracks. New this year: Emerging Technologies, Storage/Clustering, Ecosystem.

We've got a deal for you

Thought about registering for the Summit? Here are some additional ways to save.

Open source development: The diversocracy

We've always assumed open source is a meritocracy. But is it really? A Red Hat engineer dares to ask the question. His answer may surprise you.

Introduction to DocBook XML

Ever wonder how the documentation for your favorite software comes together? In the first article of our Documentation series, writer and engineer Paul W. Frields explains the types of software and markup used in the open source community.

The sound of sharing: Headphone amplifiers built the open source way

How an Altoids tin, a 9-volt battery, and a few blueprints shared on the web can rock your world. All you need is to download the plans and find the nearest Radio Shack.

Video: EuroNext

  Jean-Marc Bouhelier, CEO of Atos Euronext Market Solutions, speaks about partnering with Red Hat to support a joint venture for providing mission-critical technology services for stock exchanges around the world.

Delivering application and services availability

HP and Red Hat have teamed up to create a clustering solution for making applications and data highly available. The solution combines HP Serviceguard for Linux and Red Hat Global File System.

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