October 12, 2006

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Ask Shadowman

Shadowman trembles with delight at the introduction of Zod.

Is this the same Zod who has political aspirations? Or is the Zod who loves the children of the world?

Shadowman does not know the answers to these questions. Shadowman knows only that the people behind Fedora Core 6 have united with one voice to provide the name -- a name that commands profound respect. Awe, even.

Oh, and remember: bittorrent is the best way to download Zod. The big reason: it's probably the fastest way to get it right now, until the demand for Zod subsides a bit. Another reason: it's a great way to make it clear to the RIAA that bittorrent has legitimate, important uses besides copyright infringement.

Got a question that you'd like Shadowman to answer? Ask him.

Bob asks:

You recently espoused that only 45% of RHCE exam takers pass the test. How many (in percentage or total) score 100% on the test, as I recently did?

To which Shadowman replies:

Well, Bob, if the people who come bragging to Shadowman about their RHCE exam scores are any indication, it seems that everyone who passes the RHCE gets a perfect score on it.

Honestly, Shadowman has no idea. And Shadowman will refrain from asking the nice people in Global Learning Services -- they've got enough to do without stroking your ego, Bob.

(Nice job, though. Seriously.)

Chris asks:

Hello I'm a current student with an interest in Red Hat Linux. Although I know my way around Red Hat I've still never had that real world experience with it. My main question: Do most admins usually install the gui when setting up Red Hat in an enterprise setting, even though they usually manage the network through the terminal?

To which Shadowman replies:

Shadowman has shared frosty beverages with a lot of sysadmins in his day, and his informal survey is pretty conclusive: sysadmins have a pretty serious hate-on for installing GUIs on servers. No GNOME, no KDE, no X Windows, no nothing, if they can help it.

Why is this, exactly? A lot of reasons. One good reason, oft-cited: it's just another potential security hole. Every application that is installed unnecessarily is just a threat, waiting to be exploited. Sure, Linux is ridiculously secure in comparison to some other operating systems we could name -- but one of the reasons for that is that good Linux adherents overprotect their systems. Good admins protect passwords. They ensure that users have only the permissions they need. They run SELinux and firewalls. And they don't leave code hanging around that they don't need.

Shadowman will admit that this is a highly unscientific survey with a handful of data points. So let's make it a highly unscientific survey with lots and lots of data points. What about it, sysadmins: do you install X on your servers? Why, or why not?

gangsta nation asks:

Hi! I found 5 Accumulatoer and i collect 120 dartk souls but i didn't know what can i do?

To which Shadowman replies:

Shadowman just can't resist replying to a letter that is as friendly ("Hi!") as it is baffling ("dartk souls"? "Accumulatoer"? What?)

There's a reason everybody in the world uses Google. Plug in "accumulatoer dartk souls," and after a helpful spell check (did you mean "accumulator dark souls"?), we have an answer.

Apparently, there's a game for the original Playstation called "ShadowMan." And apparently, there are still cheat codes and tips available for this game. So, in the spirit of loving kindness. Shadowman will relay some helpful advice from this site:

"To cover Shadow Man in flames, follow these steps. Make your way to the very last room in the Temple of Life (it holds the Baton). Next, move to the last small room on the right, and press Action at the altar. Shadow Man will offer your Cadeaux in exchange for an energy upgrade. Press Action again at the altar. Shadow Man will say something about the Loa moving out of that altar. Run out and head to the altar next to the one you were just in. Press Action at the altar. If everything goes well, you should see a "Cheat Activated" message flash accross your screen (in the way Luke's teddy bear does). Go into your inventory and you should see a new item, the Book of Shadows. Select it and your cheat should be there. At the time I found this, I had 24 Dark Souls, and that might make a difference, but I don't think so. Play as Ollaflagebbies. Kill the attacking beaver in level 7. After doing this lay down by pressing the L2 button. It will take you back to the altar. When you get here quit and start a new game. When you begin you will be playing as Ollaflagebbies."

Just for the record, this makes even less sense to Shadowman than the original email did -- and also for the record, Shadowman really doesn't like the idea of being covered in flames.

Best of luck with that, Ollaflagebbies.

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