Hello New York.

Good times. Exciting times. Red Hat moved to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) today, and CEO Matthew Szulik rang the opening bell.

A timely move. With power comes an obligation to lead. Few technology companies are listed on the NYSE. We believe open source delivers a better, faster path to innovation. Given the opportunity to broadcast that message, we will. Others making strides in the same spirit will share the spotlight.

In the last few issues, we've seen open source outside the world of technology. After all, the principles of freedom and collaboration apply to music and education. Decisions about copyright and law have repercussions far beyond software. In this issue, read stories from people who have embraced open source methodology and are making a difference.

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How to set up a home DNS server, part II

Last issue, we showed you how to set up a caching nameserver. Make it a master nameserver and manage your internal hostnames with these instructions.

The Fedora corner

Enjoy our new column from the Fedora Project leader. Find out what's happening with Fedora development.

Shacking up for a good cause

They haven't got money. But they've got time, and the creativity to make a difference. See how one group of university students raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

Build an open source nut sheller (for peanuts)

An idea. An invention, an industry, an economy. Technology anyone can build, from local and inexpensive parts, and even the waste is profitable.

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On location at the 2006 Knowledge Symposium

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Morality, efficiency, quality. Learn how the Red Hat-sponsored 2006 Knowledge Symposium explored global open source opportunities and the sharing of traditional knowledge.

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Be careful who you knit for: Copyright and crafts

It's not just geeks who have to worry about their IP. Knitters, crafters, and cooks will all feel the sting of copyright restrictions in our brave new world.

Tips & tricks

An extra-large holiday helping, including how to really wipe a hard drive, System V, caching-only name servers, X11 forwarding, ext3 filesystems on a SAN, and more.

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