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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on www.redhat.com. Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended.

List administrators, you can visit the list admin overview page to find the management interface for your list.

If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact extmm@redhat.com.

List Description
Adminsupport-rha [no description available]
aerogear-dev AeroGear Developer Mailing List
Allianz-jboss-ib-internal [no description available]
Allianz-jboss-project [no description available]
almighty-public To discuss ideas, designs and code around ALMighty
amd64-list Discussion of AMD64 technology
Amqp-security-list [no description available]
Amqp-transport-sig-list [no description available]
Anaconda-devel-list Discussion of Development and Customization of the Red Hat Linux Installer
Ansible-svcs-scoping Ansible Services Scoping Alias
Aos-storage engineering topics and discussion around containers
Apac-gps-operations-team This is for APAC GPS Operations Team
Apac-svcs-ops This is for APAC Services Operations Team
ApacheWeek Apache Weekly Newsletter (text)
ApacheWeek-html Apache Weekly Newsletter (HTML)
application-assistance For assistance with applying to jobs.
Asean-fh Funded Head - Asean Team
Ataraid-list ATARAID (eg, Promise Fasttrak, Highpoint 370) related discussions
Atos-services ATOS-Services
atp-brasil-list Brazilian ATPs mailing list
augeas-devel Augeas config API
Autotest-kernel Development of the autotest framework
Avnet Red Hat Embedded
Avocado-devel [no description available]
Aws-test-drives [no description available]
Awstestdrives [no description available]
axp-list Linux on Alpha processors
Beanvalidation-tck Discussion around the Bean Validation specification and TCK
Bi-fin-unapproved-exp Distribution List for Unapproved Expenses Report for Finance AP
Bi-raleigh Business Intelligence Team - Raleigh Only
Bi-revenue-scheduling [no description available]
Blinux-announce Linux for the blind announcements
Blinux-develop Developing software for blind Linux users
Blinux-list Linux for blind general discussion
Brisbanesecurity [no description available]
Brno-edu Information channel for students about RH university program
Brno-uni-lab [no description available]
Brnointern brnointern@redhat.com - Mailing list intended for people interested in getting more information about internship positions in Brno.
broadcom-list Broadcom cards on Red Hat Linux
Buenosairessecurity [no description available]
Bugzilla-announce-list Red Hat Bugzilla Announcement List
C3 [no description available]
Caudit-au Email list for people enquiring about the Australian Caudit Agreement
Central-partners-technical-audience Technical news for Red Hat reseller technical personnel
Chicago-rhug [no description available]
Cloudpartner Red Hat cloud partner discussion list
Cluster-devel [Cluster devel]
Compliance-china compliance customer communication
Connect Inbound email catch all for external requests
Container-tools External mailing list to coordinate work for the Container Tools initiative
Coolkey-devel CoolKey annoucement, developer questions, and general discussion
Crash-utility Discussion list for crash utility usage, maintenance and development
Crest-team-all Global Crest Team Mailing List
cs-questions cs-questions
Customer-engagement-emea Lead management mailing list which we can be used with our external customers
Customer-feedback Escalation for customer satisfaction issue.
Customer-platform-api-list Announcements and feature discussion of the customer platform API
Delloem Dell OEM global list
devstudio-earlyaccess-list [no description available]
Devtools Red Hat Developer tools Dev list
dm-devel device-mapper development
Doc-discussions [no description available]
Docker-maint [no description available]
Driver-updates-announce [no description available]
drivertool Discussion relating to the drivertool project
drools-research [no description available]
Dubaisecurity [no description available]
Email-reply [no description available]
Emedlab [no description available]
Enablement-help Mail list to receive request for help from partners
Enablement-latam Receive partner requirements or questions about our enablement program
enigma-list Discussion of Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Enigma) . This list is currently inactive.
Enterprise-watch-list Security announcements for Red Hat Enterprise products
EnterprisersProject Email list for managing the Enterprisers Project
Estor-test Preliminary Enterprise Storage Kernel Updates
Et-mgmt-commits-list commit logs for ET-management projects
event-jp event-jp
Exmh-users Discussion list for EXMH users
Exmh-workers Discussion list for EXMH developers
Ext3-users EXT3 Users Mailing List
External-amd-eng List forAMD-Red Hat communication (active)
Fastcloud-rh Fastweb fastcloud project
fedora-advisory-board [no description available]
Fedora-ambassadors-list [no description available]
fedora-announce-list Announcements related to the Fedora Project
fedora-arm Discussions about the Fedora ARM Project
Fedora-art-list Fedora Art List
Fedora-bangladesh-list Fedora Bangladesh Discussion List
fedora-board-list Fedora Board discussion of sensitive issues
Fedora-buildsys-list Discussion of Fedora build system
Fedora-cs-list Fedora user list for Czech and Slovak people.
fedora-cvs-commits Fedora Core cvs commits
Fedora-de-list Fedora discussions in German
Fedora-desktop-list Discussions about development for the Fedora desktop
Fedora-devel-announce Announcements for Fedora Developers
fedora-devel-java-list Discussion list for java related Fedora development
fedora-devel-list Development discussions related to Fedora
Fedora-developer-sig [no description available]
Fedora-directory-announce Announcements for the 389 Directory server project
Fedora-directory-commits List of CVS commits to the 389 Directory server project
Fedora-directory-devel 389 Directory server developer discussion.
Fedora-directory-users General discussion list for the 389 Directory server project.
Fedora-docs-br Projeto de Documentação Fedora Brasil
Fedora-docs-commits For tracking commits to Docs Project owned modules
fedora-docs-list For participants of the Documentation Project
Fedora-eclipse-commits [no description available]
Fedora-edu-br [no description available]
Fedora-education-list Fedora Education Initiative
Fedora-el-list The mailing list of the greek Fedora community
Fedora-electronic-lab-list Discussion about features of Fedora Electronic Lab and opensource EDA software.
Fedora-es-list Fedora discussions in Spanish
fedora-extras-commits Fedora Extras CVS commits
fedora-extras-list Closed -- please use fedora-devel-list instead (Was: Discussion related to Fedora Extras)
Fedora-fonts-bugs-list Automated issue tracking on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
Fedora-fonts-list Discussions on fonts and other Fedora text rendering components
Fedora-fr-list [no description available]
Fedora-games-list Fedora Games
Fedora-haskell-list Fedora Haskell SIG mailing-list
Fedora-he-list Fedora Hebrew discussions
Fedora-i18n-bugs Fedora Internationalization bugs list
Fedora-i18n-list Fedora internationalization discussions
Fedora-ia64-list ia64 Fedora Core Development
Fedora-india [no description available]
Fedora-infrastructure-list Fedora Infrastructure
Fedora-isv-sig-list [no description available]
Fedora-it-list Mailing list for Italian contributors and users.
Fedora-ja-list Fedora discussions in Japanese
Fedora-kernel-list Fedora kernel development.
Fedora-laptop-list Laptop related things
fedora-legacy-list Discussion of the Fedora Legacy Project
Fedora-legal-list [no description available]
fedora-list Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora.
Fedora-marketing-list For discussions about marketing and expanding the Fedora user base
Fedora-mentors-list Mailing list for Fedora project mentors
Fedora-mktg-poland List of Fedora marketing in Poland
Fedora-music-list [no description available]
Fedora-my-list Fedora Malaysia
Fedora-news-list [no description available]
Fedora-nightlife-devel-list [no description available]
Fedora-nightlife-list [no description available]
Fedora-ocaml-list Fedora OCaml list
Fedora-package-announce Fedora Package Announcements
Fedora-package-review Fedora Package Reviews
Fedora-packaging Discussion of RPM packaging standards and practices for Fedora
Fedora-perl-devel-list Fedora perl development team
Fedora-php-devel-list Fedora PHP development team
Fedora-python-devel-list Fedora Python SIG
Fedora-r-devel-list [no description available]
Fedora-relnotes-content Raw content for release notes and docs flows into this mailing list.
Fedora-robotics-list Fedora Robotics SIG
Fedora-security-commits Commit messages about changes in fedora-security module
Fedora-security-list Public discussions about Fedora Related security issues
fedora-selinux-list Fedora SELinux support list for users & developers.
Fedora-sparc [no description available]
fedora-suds-list [no description available]
fedora-test-list For testers of Fedora Core development releases
Fedora-trans-announce [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ar Arabic Translation Team for Fedora Core
Fedora-trans-az Fedora Translators into Azeri
Fedora-trans-bal Balochi Fedora Team
Fedora-trans-bg [no description available]
Fedora-trans-bn [no description available]
Fedora-trans-bn_in Mailing List for Fedora Bengali India Translation Community
Fedora-trans-el Discussions about fedora localization in the greek language
Fedora-trans-fa [no description available]
Fedora-trans-hi [no description available]
Fedora-trans-id [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ja Fedora translation discussion in Japanese
Fedora-trans-list Fedora Translation Project List
Fedora-trans-mr [no description available]
Fedora-trans-ru Mailing list for translators to Russian
Fedora-trans-si Discussions about fedora localization into Sinhala language.
Fedora-trans-sk [no description available]
Fedora-trans-sr Fedora Serbian translators team
Fedora-trans-te [no description available]
Fedora-trans-urdu Fedora Urdu Translator's Mailing List
Fedora-users-br Lista de discussão voltada para os usuários brasileiros do Fedora
Fedora-virt [no description available]
Fedora-virt-maint This list receives bugzilla email for all Fedora virtualization related bugs.
Fedora-websites-list For maintainers and developers of all formal Fedora websites.
Fedora-women-list List for discussion among the women of Fedora
Fedora-xen About using Xen with Fedora
Feedhenry-announce [no description available]
feedhenry-dev To discuss design, and development of the FeedHenry project, and its various aspects.
Firstaidkit-devel FirstAidKit development discussion
Freeipa-devel Discussion of the development of freeipa
Freeipa-interest Announcement for FreeIPA Project
Freeipa-users List dedicated to discussions about use, configuration and deployment of the IPA server.
Future-india [no description available]
Gov-edu-cloudusers external list to bring together the DOE/NASA/Edu/Sci Computing and other folks who are currently adopting OSP & CloudForms
gov-sec US Government Security Standards
Gps-andean [no description available]
Gsd-pmo Mailing list for GSD PMO projects
Hk-partner-list This is for the distribution to partners in HK
Hwcert-announce-list Announcements related to the Hardware Certification Program
ia64-list Discussion of Linux on the Intel IA-64 processor. This list is currently inactive.
Iasc Communication with IBM Application Solution Corporation
Ibm-partner-jp IBM partner sales mailing list
Image-factory [no description available]
Innovation Team to support the public domain innovation.redhat.com
Innovators Members of the Raleigh Innovators Program Red Hat Team
instantmirror-list InstantMirror discussion list
Internal-rh-ml-prc [no description available]
Ipa-feedback [no description available]
It-mktg-lgl-alerts [no description available]
It-renewal-notifications [no description available]
Itil-discussion [no description available]
Java-info Destination list for Java/JBoss candidate's CVs in Brno
Jbds-earlyaccess-list [no description available]
Jboss-dv-ea-feedback List to collect feedback on early access to Data Virtualization.
Jboss-eap-beta-list [no description available]
Jboss-eap-early-access [no description available]
Jboss-parceiros [no description available]
Jboss-security-beta [no description available]
Jboss-seminar-july08 [no description available]
Jboss-trans [no description available]
Jboss-watch-list Security announcements for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware products
K12linux-announce-list Announcements of the K12Linux Project
K12Linux-devel-list Development discussion of K12Linux
K12ltsp-list [no description available]
K12OSN Support list for open source software in schools.
Kabi-greylists-notification KABI greylist notificaion updates
Kambiz-ext-test [no description available]
katello-devel [no description available]
Kickstart-list Discussion list about Kickstart
kontinuity-dev-public Kontinuity Public Development Discussions: CI/CD for Application Developers using Red Hat
kontinuity-public Kontinuity Public Discussions: CI/CD for Application Developers using Red Hat
kpatch kpatch mailing list
Kpatch-eap Kpatch Early Access Program
kx-netapp List for GSS engineers participating in the virtual knowledge exchanges sessions with NetApp
Latam-instructor-list Mailing list for LATAM instructors
Lhcp-devel [no description available]
Libguestfs Discussion and development of libguestfs
libndp-list libndp - Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Libosinfo Development and usage of the libosinfo library
libvir-list Development discussions about the libvirt library & tools
Libvirt-announce Announce channel for the libvirt library
Libvirt-cim List for discussion and development of libvirt CIM
Libvirt-test-api It is for libvirt-test-API on github development and admin
libvirt-users Discussions for users, administrators & application developers with the libvirt library
Linaro-eng [no description available]
Linux-am33-list am33 maintainers mailing list
Linux-cachefs Linux filesystem caching discussion list
Linux-cluster linux clustering
linux-lvm LVM general discussion and development
linux-security Linux security announcements list (closed, use redhat-watch-list)
Liveoak-issues [no description available]
Lohit-devel-list [no description available]
Los-angeles-dtla Discussions specific to the downtown LA office
Marketing-israel [no description available]
Marketinguk Marketing uk email address
Mass-announce Announcements for JBoss MASS Projects
Mass-dev [no description available]
Mckesson-redhat-qa [no description available]
Melbournesecurity [no description available]
Mex-atp-list Facilitate the communication between Red Hat and Authorized Training Partners in Mexico
Mex-instructor-list Mailing list for Mexico instructors
Michigan-rhug Michigan Red Hat Enterprise User Group
Microsoft-rh-hyperv Communication regarding RHEL as a guest over Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor
Migracion-allianz-factoria Coordination Barna-Bilbo
MobileSolutions A mailing list that can be used in developer blogs to provide potential customers with a way to contact consulting around potential Red Hat Consulting Mobile engagements
Mod_nss-list [no description available]
Modernize email address for Dell and RH sales team members to send requests for account mapping, alignment and who to contact for pipeline
Mushroom-qe [no description available]
mw-latam-pacifico Discusión tematicas Middleware para región Latam Pacifico
Mwchile Middleware Chile
Na-redhatready This list will be external for partners to use to contact the Ready Team
Navy Red Hat's US Navy and US Marine Corps Sales team
Ncsu-redhat-list [no description available]
Neuchatelsecurity [no description available]
Nspluginwrapper-devel-list nspluginwrapper development discussion list
Octa-list [no description available]
olpc-software Discussion of base olpc software platform
Olpc-vault-devel [no description available]
Open-accreditation-reports [no description available]
Open-hosted-content [no description available]
Open-innovation-labs Team to support the public domain innovation.labs.redhat.com
Open-scap-list Discussions around the Open SCAP project
open-source-now-list Open source advocacy in education and government
OpenBeats Open Beats open source project
Openeye-jp [no description available]
Openeye-subscription [no description available]
Openorg-list Mailing list to discuss Open Organization topics
Openshift-commons-sig-image-builders Develop and Exchange Best Practices for building and maintaining Images for use with OpenShift
OpenSourceStories Submissions for Open Source Stories series.
Openstack-mpo OpenStack mailing list for MPO users
Osdc-list General discussion list for topics about opensource.com
Pa-india Mailing list for INDIA PA Accountants
Pam-list Pluggable Authentication Modules
Partner-helpdesk-emea [no description available]
Partnercenter-jp [no description available]
Patternfly PatternFly community mailing list
Patternfly-angular PatternFly AngularJS directives community mailing list
perf-dept-infra-users Performance Engineering Department Lab / Infrastructure Users
Piranha-list Piranha clustering/HA technology
Pki-announce Dogtag Certificate System Announcements
Pki-commit Dogtag Certificate System Source Code Check-ins
Pki-commits [no description available]
Pki-devel Dogtag Certificate System Developers
Pki-users Dogtag Certificate System Users
Pmo-jp [no description available]
Posix-c++-wg List for the POSIX C++ Binding working group
Prj-kddi-hs [no description available]
procps-list Discussion list for procps devel
Project9-jp For Project Q
Psyche-list Discussion of Red Hat Linux 8.0 (Psyche)
Public-sector-partners-technical Technical news for Red Hat partners selling to the US Public Sector market (Federal, State/Local Govt, and Education)
publican-list Publican discussions
Pulp-dev Pulp developer discussion
pulp-infra [no description available]
Pulp-list pulp project for repo management
Pump-list Pump DHCP client
pyparted-devel pyparted development discussion
qe-tlv QE in IL
Quality Red Hat Product Quality
rdo-list Discussion: OpenStack on Red Hat based distributions
Rdo-newsletter Monthly newsletter to the RDO OpenStack Community
rebase-helper-list [no description available]
Redhat-ccm-list Discussion about the Red Hat Enterprise Applications family
Redhat-devel-list Red Hat developer's list
Redhat-developer-site Red Hat Developer Discussions
Redhat-install-list Getting started with Red Hat Linux
redhat-list General Red Hat Linux discussion list
redhat-list-de Red Hat users list (German language)
Redhat-migration-list Discussion group concerning migration to Red Hat Linux
redhat-mobile-open-access-users Users of the Red Hat Mobile open access to ask questions, report issues, etc...
Redhat-ne-focuspartners North East Partner Channel Distribution List
Redhat-ppp-list Setting up dialup networking
Redhat-s390-list [no description available]
Redhat-secure-server CLOSED
redhat-sysadmin-list [no description available]
Renewal-jp-mc [no description available]
Reply-list [no description available]
rest-practices Discussion forum for REST best practices
reug-jp [no description available]
Rh-barcap-list [no description available]
Rh-bluegene-list mailing list to track bluegene patch review and build issues
RH-community-de-berlin A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Berlin, Germany
Rh-community-de-fra A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Frankfurt, Germany
Rh-community-de-hh A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in Hamburg, Germany
Rh-community-de-nrw A discussions list of the Red Hat customer community in NRW, Germany
Rh-ready Contact to ready partner
Rh-summit For Red Hat Summit questions (internal and external)
Rh-symantec-os [no description available]
Rhcc place for questions/comments/concerns around the Red Hat Customer Convergence program
Rhcc-outage-list Notifications about Red Hat Command Center outages.
Rhcnhire post jobs and receiving resumes
Rhel-atomic-sig [no description available]
Rhel-latam-vads [no description available]
Rhel-support-list [no description available]
Rhel6-isv [no description available]
Rhel7-peap [no description available]
rhelv5-announce Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) announcement mailing-list
rhelv5-beta-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) Beta releases discussion mailing-list
rhelv5-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) discussion mailing-list
rhelv6-announce Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) announcement mailing-list
rhelv6-beta-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) Beta releases discussion mailing-list
rhelv6-list Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Santiago) discussion mailing-list
Rhev-announce Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Announcement List
rhev-watch-list Security announcements for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Products
Rhh-discussion [no description available]
RHLS Red Hat Learning Subscription - IT Project Team
Rhm-users [no description available]
rhn-outage-list Announcements Related to RHN Service Interruptions
rhn-satellite-beta-users Discussion of the RHN Satellite 5.0 Beta
rhn-satellite-users [no description available]
rhn-users Discussions about Red Hat Network (rhn.redhat.com)
Rhos-eap-fidelity Customer engagement
Rhos-partner-private-list External mailing list for discussion of Red Hat Open Stack with Red Hat Engineering Partners
Rhpds-emea EMEA Partner Demo System Administrators
RHSA-announce Security announcements for all Red Hat products and services
Rht-alu-openstack ALU and RHT interface
Rht-alu-openstak ALU and RHT interface
Rht-incident [no description available]
rht-jnpr Juniper / RedHat Partnership List
Rht-spot [no description available]
Rit-emea-projects Mailing list for RIT EMEA projects
Roswell-list A public discussion group concerning the Roswell beta release of Red Hat Linux
sac-atp-list Mailing list for ATPs in the LATAM/SAC region
SAC-instructor-list Mailing list for SAC, LATAM instructors
sac-sa-rh-partners Mail list for SA from RH and partners in SAC (LATAM)
Sach Tech Exchange for Swiss SAs
Salescollege [no description available]
Saopaulosecurity [no description available]
Satmetrixcloseloopalerts SatMetrix Close Loop alert process.
scap-security-guide SCAP Security Guide community mailing list
Sce-korea [no description available]
Scl-mw Chile Middleware Team
SCLorg Discuss public issues related to softwarecollections.org
Se-partner-tech Mailing List for partner technical funded heads
Sea-gcg This is email list for SEAP team in GCG
Sectool-list Discussion forum for the security audit tool
Securenfs-wg Email list for the Secure NFS working group
Servicedesk-test-external [no description available]
Skydive-dev Skydive development list
Sn-apac-rhuservices Service Now notifications for APAC-RHU services group
Sn-apac-taservices Service Now notifications for APAC-TA services group
Sn-benefits Service Now notifications for SN-Benefits services group
Sn-compexceptions Service Now notifications forSN-CompExceptions services group
Sn-emea-rhuservices Service Now notifications for SN-EMEA-RHUservices services group
Sn-emea-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-EMEA-TAservices services group
Sn-globalmobility Service Now notifications for SN-GlobalMobility services group
Sn-latam-rhusvcs Service Now notifications for SN-LATAM-RHUsvcs services group
Sn-latam-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-LATAM-TAservices services group
Sn-na-taservices Service Now notifications for SN-NA-TAservices services group
Sn-peoplemetrics Service Now notifications for SN-PeopleMetrics services group
Sn-peopleteamoffers Service Now notifications for SN-PeopleTeamOffers services group
Sn-phd Service Now notifications for SN-PHD services group
Sn-ta-jobsservices Service Now notifications for SN-TA-JOBSservices services group
Social-Media-EMEA EMEA Social Media commitee
Softwarecollections-org [no description available]
Softwarefactory Software Factory project users mailing list
Softwarefactory-dev Software Factory project developers mailing list
Sohu-perf a mailing list for a potential performance tuning project with a customer sohu.com
sos-devel Development discussions relating to the sos project
Sound-list Sound under Linux
Spacewalk-announce-list [no description available]
Spacewalk-devel [no description available]
Spacewalk-list [no description available]
Sparc-list Linux and Red Hat on Sparc processors
Storage-watch-list Security announcements for Red Hat Storage products
Stronghold-watch-list Security and bugfix announcements for Red Hat Stronghold (cross platform)
Sydneysecurity [no description available]
Symantec [no description available]
Sysops-vendor Vendor management
Tecsupport-rha [no description available]
Telegraph-account-team [no description available]
Test-list-please-ignore This is my list. There are other lists like it, but this is my own.
Testservicedesk Test Service Desk
Thincrust-devel Thincrust tooling devel list
Tlv-interns TLV interns
TM-ABI [no description available]
Torontosecurity [no description available]
Training-spain Training mail list for Consultants and SA's of Spain
Trobert-ext-test [no description available]
tux-list TUX discussion list
Ui-alchemy [no description available]
Uk-jboss Responses to email campaigns from custmer around JBoss.
Undertow-dev Dev list for the Undertow project
Valhalla-list Discussion of Red Hat Linux 7.3 (Valhalla). This list is currently inactive.
Valued-cust-my [no description available]
Venture [no description available]
vfio-users VFIO users mailing list
Virt-test-devel Development of the linux virtualization testsuite
virt-tools-list Discussion about the virt-manager family of tools
Vyzkum Platform for external posters to ask questions about the university program.
Webstore-china China Webstore question email box
West-partners-technical-audience West Partner Technical Audience
WomenInOpenSource [no description available]
Xquery-cpp-api-list [no description available]
yyz-rhug YYZ RHUG Group
Zabbix-core Email address for Zabbix support for Core Team
Zabbix-sa Zabbix support email address for SA team
Zanata-Announce Announce from Zanata, the translator collaboration system
zanata-bugs Zanata bugzilla notifications
zanata-commits Zanata git commits
zanata-devel Zanata development discussions
Zanata-requests Mailing list for Zanata requests conerning admin responsibilities
zanata-users Zanata user discussions
Zoot-list Discussion list for Red Hat 6.2


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