It's inexpensive and it works. Magic words when it comes to technology in schools.

That's what open source technology does. It introduces students to computers. Connects them to the Internet. And it does it very, very inexpensively.

Some schools can't afford to buy a computer, much less a computer lab. And yet for others, when technology budgets are available, a large share of the money is spent on costly proprietary technology and software licenses.

This doesn't have to be. Using inexpensive or even free open source software, budgets could be spent on more hardware to bring more computers to more students, and hiring and training a technical staff to teach them.

Open source software is a solid, smart alternative. It works. But most of all, it brings technology to schools that couldn't afford it otherwise.

Red Hat's open source solutions enable educational institutions to cost-effectively address their critical computing needs. By lowering the barriers to entry and increasing the breadth of solutions, we believe we can help educators equip today's students with the skills they need to work, live, and compete tomorrow.

Discover Red Hat Academy, Red Hat's new curriculum program for classroom computing and workforce skills development on Linux and open source.

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What is Open Source?
Where you'll get all the basics to how and why open source works.

Open Lab
A model for an inexpensive computer lab built on open source software and recycled or thin client hardware.

Red Hat Academy
A complete curriculum and support program to bring the time-tested RHCE Program and RHCT certification to schools and colleges.

Red Hat offers a worldwide Red Hat Academy program for high schools and higher education to teach students the most practical and relevant Linux and open source skill sets. Watch the video and see what students and administrators have to say.

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