"We meet with Red Hat engineers on a regular basis to discuss key projects as well as initiatives we’re considering in the future. That’s why they’re more than a vendor… That’s why their products continue to provide such significant value to our business."

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Red Hat is a connective hub in a global network of customers, partners, research and academic organizations, and open source communities. Bringing these innovative groups together fosters collaboration. And with a wide range of computing requirements, distinct approaches, and differing skills, the result is technology that meets the needs of today’s computing environments more effectively than any one group could have created alone.

We deliver this technology to customers in 2 ways:

1. Offering commercial products for demanding environments

Deploying solutions from Red Hat and its partners helps customers benefit from the best of both worlds—innovative technology coupled with the services, security, predictability, and quality that their businesses demand.

2. Sponsoring freely available open source projects

We are experts at collaboration—developing new technology, solving common problems, and sharing the benefits with our customers and partners.