Red Hat provides the only fully open technology stack. And with a fully open stack, you are not locked in. You are not limited to a vendor’s vision of your future.

To support its stack, Red Hat provides a variety of services, including award-winning support, consulting, and training.

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform enables us to react faster to customer demands, and is instrumental for our own internal cloud development needs. The solution enabled us to build out our own private cloud on a secure and scalable foundation."

products and services diagram

Figure 1. Red Hat portfolio

Core technologies

Our core technology products provide the capabilities needed to deploy a complete, high-performing IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and secure. The products interoperate seamlessly and are designed for mission-critical business environments. They represent the best technology available today.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The world’s leading open source operating system provides a feature-rich, stable, secure, high-performance platform with an extensive certification ecosystem. Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux in physical and virtual environments, in public, private, and hybrid clouds, from SMB to big data–for all enterprise computing environments.


Red Hat JBoss® Middleware

A comprehensive portfolio of middleware solutions helps customers optimize their business processes. It includes an application server, SOA, BRMS, ESB, portal, application integration, and messaging.


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

A comprehensive datacenter virtualization product for Linux and Windows workloads that helps users build an agile, secure virtualization foundation with the features needed for traditional enterprise application workloads.


Red Hat Satellite

A fully featured, easy-to-use systems management solution that allows IT organizations to provision and manage the full cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments of any size, whether they are physical or virtual, or in public, private, or hybrid clouds.


Red Hat Storage Server

An open, software-defined, scale-out storage platform that lets you easily manage unstructured data for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Exceptionally well-suited to big data and hybrid cloud environments, it provides the capacity to handle the explosive growth of unstructured data.

Cloud technologies

The explosive growth and success of cloud computing is driven in large part by its commitment to open standards, independent communities, free-to-use APIs, and the prevention of vendor lock-in. Using our core products as a foundation, Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud vision drives the capabilities of our cloud products. They help you increase productivity, optimize assets, and manage applications and their associated data across a heterogeneous infrastructure--wherever that infrastructure lives.


Red Hat CloudForms

A cloud management solution that provides visibility and control over existing heterogeneous virtual infrastructures from a single console. Deploy, monitor, and manage cloud services across Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, VMware vSphere, Amazon EC2, and other solutions, hypervisors, and platforms.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack® Platform

A highly scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that delivers an open, flexible, and enterprise-ready private cloud foundation built on the community OpenStack project integrated with and optimized for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

A single-subscription solution that integrates Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.


OpenShift by Red Hat

Available as both the hosted OpenShift Online service and the on-premise OpenShift Enterprise, these Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions provide exceptionally easy-to-use and flexible environments. Application developers can choose the programming languages and frameworks best suited for their tasks.

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"The offering of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is fantastic, but what’s more important is the company that stands behind it."


Service offerings

Our award-winning service offerings help customers get the most out of their subscriptions, equipping them with the knowledge, professional support, and hands-on skills to ensure success with every Red Hat solution.


Red Hat Training and Certification

Hands-on, lab-intensive courses and highly respected certification programs. Red Hat Training includes traditional classroom instruction, as well as on-site, online, and virtual training.


Red Hat Consulting

An expansive array of professional services to help organizations solve technology challenges, maximize product performance, and increase infrastructure efficiency.


Red Hat Global Support Services (GSS)

Red Hat provides enterprise-level support as part of every Red Hat software subscription. GSS also provides additional premium services such as Technical Account Managers (TAMs), senior technical resources with in-depth knowledge of the customer’s unique environment, and developer support packages.