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Choice and flexibility

Open source software makes vendor lock-in a thing of the past. Red Hat customers have complete flexibility when designing their IT solutions. They can choose from a vast portfolio of products from us, our partners, and others across the IT industry.

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Business-relevant innovation

Because Red Hat technologies are developed in close collaboration with customers, partners, and communities, our products provide businesses with the latest software developments and give IT departments a competitive edge.

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Trustworthy, comprehensive services

Red Hat’s portfolio of services is the most extensive in the open source software industry and include global, award-winning support, consulting, and training offerings.

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Comprehensive ecosystem of product and service suppliers

As the world’s leading supplier of open source solutions, the breadth and depth of Red Hat partnerships is unmatched—helping customers deploy innovative solutions that are fully certified.

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Simple, effective business model

The Red Hat subscription-based business model is straightforward and flexible, which makes products easy to acquire and maintain.

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Track record of success

Red Hat products and services have been proven in the market, with rapid customer adoption and outstanding success in the most demanding computing environments.