About: Red Hat Partner Conference

Join us for a Welcome Cocktail Reception on Sunday evening where you will get the opportunity to visit the exhibition area, meet the sponsors and network with other Red Hat partners.

We will kick-off Monday morning with keynotes from Red Hat executives that will inform you about the generic strategies at Red Hat. Don't miss more keynotes on Tuesday morning and a chance to hear from visionary speakers from industry leading companies that offer compelling visions of the technology future in terms of trends, challenges, and opportunities.
Please see the topics that will be covered below. A detailed agenda will follow.

Modernize IT with Open Innovation

On the Red Hat EMEA Partner Conference (#rhepc), you will learn how to bring sustainable value and flexible solutions to your customers based on open standards and open source.

1. Data Center Infrastructure

Help your customers say “yes.” Datacenter infrastructure initiatives rank consistently high on IT priority lists. While IT has never been more valuable to business success, most enterprise IT budgets are flat or shrinking, forcing IT groups to say “no” to new projects as they spend an estimated 80% of their funding to maintain existing infrastructure. By moving customers away from siloed legacy assets to a standardised open platform, Red Hat and Red Hat partners deliver measurable cost savings while improving performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

Learn what matters in the Data Center: Open source based platforms, platform migration, virtualization and open storage.

2. Enterprise Middleware Solutions

Drive business innovation for your customers – learn how Red Hat Middleware offerings help to:

  • Accelerate: Modernising Application Platforms for the next generation of applications
  • Integrate: Leverage existing investments for new innovative projects
  • Automate: Automate business processes and decisions.

Learn about solution possibilities with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware: Middleware application development, application migration, middleware integration and Platform as a service (PaaS).

3. Cloud Infrastructure

The value of Red Hat's Cloud for your customers - Learn how the Red Hat Cloud offering can help your customers build an Open Hybrid Cloud that enables them to utilise computing resources provided from either their private cloud, or public cloud. Understand how you can manage both with a single open environment.

Learn how you can deploy and mange open hybrid clouds with Red Hat: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), hybrid cloud management and PaaS management.

Conference Agenda

  • Keynotes from Red Hat global and EMEA executives, product updates and roadmaps
  • News from the ecosystem of partners and sponsors
  • Best practiceb> presentations and customer cases
  • Executive meetings and round table discussions
  • Architectural discussion sessions, hands-on labs and technology updates
  • Free exams: Get your prestigious Red Hat Certificate by passing the exams
  • Networking opportunities: Discover and build new alliances with the Red Hat Partner ecosystem
  • Partner Demo environment: Be the first to learn about the upcoming fully featured online demo environment for partners
  • Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN): Your new, free learning resource
  • Partner Program Updates: The future of the Red Hat EMEA Partner Program
  • Partners & Alliances Updates: Learn about the strategic direction for 2013 and beyond
  • Awards Dinner and Party: Let's celebrate together.

Data Center Infrastructure Highlights

  • Standardise your customer's environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Embrace the post-UNIX standard with a faster, easier and less expensive alternative to traditional Unix variants
  • Mission-critical reliability: Rock-solid reliability through advanced RAS features, and the open nature of the collaborative development model.
  • Built-in layers of protection: Fully secure foundation for applications of today and tomorrow
  • Maximise your hardware for full efficiency: Get more from your hardware investment
  • Drive business growth and broaden your offerings with Open Software-defined Storage.

Enterprise Middleware Highlights

  • Private PaaS with JBoss and OpenShift
  • Middleware Migration practices
  • Modern Application architecture and development
  • Solving real-world problems with JBoss Integration solutions (SOA, Data Services, Fuse, A-MQ)
  • Solutions for Business Agility: Automated Decision-making, Complex Event Processing and Business Process Management

Cloud Infrastructure Highlights

  • Open IaaS with CloudForms 2.0, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat OpenStack Enterprise and Red Hat Storage Server
  • Migrate your Data Center Virtualization to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization: Best Practices
  • How to Build & Manage an Open Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Red Hat Network Satellite Today & Into The Future
  • Solutions for Business with Open IaaS: Cloud Integration, Virtualization, and Application Lifecycle Management.

And it does not stop here:

  • Modernisation through Open Innovation: Come and learn about how Red Hat's Solutions for Open Hybrid Cloud, Storage, Big Data and operational foundations come together to build a truly open, modern and innovative architectures.
  • An ecosystem of solutions and support: Red Hat helps IT leaders move their business forward by providing access to the industry’s most extensive community of partners, customers, and experts that will be there to support and accelerate their success no matter what challenges they face.