Red Hat Embedded Partner Program

Your business is to deliver a powerful technology solution that is easy to deploy and manage. Red Hat's business is to deliver the technology to make that happen.

Red Hat offers our ISV partners tools and business models that simplify incorporating Red Hat technology into a turnkey software solution or hardware appliance.

When you participate in the Red Hat Embedded Program, you can deliver exceptional products while maintaining control of the client experience, which can, ultimately, lead to greater customer loyalty and increased revenue.

Benefits of Red Hat Embedded Program

By joining the Red Hat Embedded Program, you and your customers enjoy faster time-to-market, more value for your solution, custom engineering, ownership of your customer relationships, and simplifed business processes.

Faster time-to-market

Red Hat supports you as you integrate, certify, and bundle industry-leading Linux®, virtualization, and Java™ middleware platforms. This streamlined process brings solutions to the market faster.

Stronger value for your solution

Strengthen your solution by building upon enterprise-ready open source technology. When you partner with Red Hat, you have direct access to world-class Red Hat, and support expertise.

Custom engineering

Red Hat has developed a process to customize tools and runtime software for a wide range of architectures, boards, and systems. Custom Engineering Services help you assess your runtime software requirements, customize and optimize Linux for your embedded system, and port the open source boot loader technology Redboot.

Typical deployments consist of boot loader, embedded Linux OS, and customized filesystem or application development to suit your needs. Custom Engineering Services are available as a time- and materials-based option.

Ownership of your customer relationships

With the Red Hat Embedded Program, you maintain control of your customer relationships and interactions—from configuration to deployment, to support, upgrades, and renewals.

Simplified business

A partnership with Red Hat makes it easy to do business. We offer:

  • Business and subscription models that align with your specific needs.
  • Partner support.
  • Joint marketing collaboration and co-promotional opportunities.

Join the Red Hat Embedded Program today.