Red Hat Hardware Program

Red Hat CertifiedHardware

Industry leaders including Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, IBM, and others have certified their hardware with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As a result, their customers have the confidence of knowing these certified hardware systems are supported by Red Hat when running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Join the Hardware Program today to begin testing your systems. Red Hat offers an automated test suite, support for your organization during the testing process, and access to online updates while your results are being reviewed. There has never been an easier time to test your hardware with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Program Benefits

Benefits of the Red Hat Hardware Program for Certified Hardware include:

  • Exposure on -- Certified hardware will be included in the Red Hat Hardware Catalog, Red Hat's official online database of certified hardware.
  • Co-branding -- Use of the Red Hat Certified logo. Does not apply to hardware requiring additional software.
  • Red Hat Support Assurance -- Assurance that Red Hat will support customers using the vendor's certified hardware.
  • Relationship -- An ongoing relationship with Red Hat.
  • Copies of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for testing purposes.
  • Participation in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Public Beta Program.
  • Access to the Red Hat Hardware Test Suite and tools to incorporate in the testing process for your hardware.
  • Testing Support - Red Hat will provide limited support to the vendor throughout the self certification testing process.

Hardware Program Resources

Program Requirements

  • A full list of the Red Hat Hardware Certification Program requirements are available in the Hardware Certification Agreement.
  • Review the full list of technical requirements in the Hardware Certification Policy Guide.
  • Hardware Program participants can only certify hardware for which they are the OriginalEquipment Manufacturer (OEM).