Red Hat and SAP lead customers to solutions in the cloud or on premise, driving excellent performance, scalability, and reliability

"SAP—together with our global technology partners—is leading the migration to cloud computing."

Allen Bannon, vice president, Virtualization and Cloud Management, SAP

Red Hat understands that a SAP migration and new implementation must be carefully planned and executed to minimize risk and smoothly transition to the new environment.

Running SAP solutions on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization helps enterprises address the challenges of flexibility, price/performance, reliability, and security. Using JBoss® developer tools, you can also cut down the speed of development to create custom applications to call out SAP services.

SAP and Red Hat enable real-time innovation, which provides a scalable, standardized, highly available SAP platform that's cloud-ready. Industry-leading virtualization capabilities through Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, like Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and management console, reduce power, cooling, and space requirements. And Red Hat's integrated support with SAP makes your entire enterprise easy to manage.

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