JBoss Fuse

An open source enterprise service bus

The information powering your business is spread across disparate applications and systems. You need a effective, cost-efficient way to integrate applications, data, and devices within your enterprise. Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a flexible, small-footprint enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise. Integration everywhere – on-premise or in the cloud.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse

Why Red Hat JBoss Fuse?

Red Hat JBoss Fuse simplifies the integration of different enterprise assets, on premise or in the cloud, by providing all necessary tools in a single platform.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse allows you to:

  • Integrate applications, data, services, and devices efficiently.
  • Design, develop, and deploy integration solutions faster using an easy-to-use development studio and bundled Apache Camel, an implementation of popular and common enterprise integration patterns.
  • Use the 150+ Apache Camel connectors for extensive connectivity.
  • Deploy integration solutions in various configurations to meet and exceed operational requirements.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and significantly cut your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unlock IT assets with real-time integration

Integrate everything

Red Hat JBoss Fuse provides a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use platform to integrate applications, data, services, and devices. The integration platform uses popular open source technologies to provide transformation, routing, and protocol-matching services.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse also includes Red Hat JBoss A-MQ, a high-performance, reliable messaging platform. Integration eliminates manual touch points, automates processes, and connects enterprise assets for improved efficiency. Real-time messaging fosters a responsive and agile enterprise.

Faster integration solutions to meet business requirements

Leverage popular enterprise integration patterns

Red Hat JBoss Fuse includes Apache Camel, a popular and versatile enterprise integration pattern framework. Apache Camel has pre-built integration components for most frequently used integration tasks. These patterns, when used with the flexible and cost-effective ESB, enable quicker solution to market.

Deploy multiple configurations

Flexible deployment options – on-premise or in the Cloud

Red Hat JBoss Fuse is based on a lightweight container, Apache Karaf, that provides dynamic configuration and multiple deployment options. This flexible architecture and OpenShift cartridge (preview only) allows Red Hat JBoss Fuse to be deployed in various configurations to connect customized solutions at every endpoint, distributor, outlet, partner, or device.

You can deploy JBoss Fuse in all major cloud environments, including Red Hat OpenShift.

Extensive connectivity

Red Hat JBoss Fuse uses Apache Camel to provide connectivity to external applications. Red Hat JBoss Fuse supports over 150 Camel components (connectors) including SalesForce, SAP, JDBC, FTP/STP, HTTP/HTTPS, File, and more. In addition, custom components can be written for specific endpoint connectivity requirements.

Get enterprise-class reliability

Proven reliability

Red Hat JBoss Fuse has a track record of supporting mission-critical applications and is backed by Red Hat’s award-winning support and services. Red Hat JBoss Fuse is also based on open source projects from Apache Software Foundation, which has a well-regarded history and a vibrant community of contributors.


JBoss Operations Network

Full management and control

With JBoss Operations Network, you can:

  • Inventory resources from the operating system to applications and services.

  • Control and audit your ESB, application, and service configurations to standardize deployments.

  • Manage, monitor, and tune your applications and services for improved visibility, performance, and availability.

  • Coordinate the many stages of application lifecycle.

  • Improve operational efficiency and reliability.

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