Red Hat Enterprise MRG

Integrated high-performance computing

Your high-performance computing (HPC) environment has messaging, realtime, and grid feature needs. Red Hat® Enterprise MRG incorporates all of them into one next-generation IT infrastructure for better performance, reliability, and interoperability, and faster computing for enterprise customers.

The old way to deploy IT infrastructure

Previously, if you wanted messaging, realtime, and grid capabilities, you'd have to:

  • Buy specialized products for reliable messaging, fast messaging, large-file messaging, HPC, high-throughput computing (HTC), and other distributed computing tasks.

  • Deploy these specialized products in architectural silos.

  • Manage them separately.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG is more flexible, powerful, and easy to manage

With one platform, you can leverage your entire IT infrastructure—from cycle scavenging and desktop workstations to local grids, remote grids, and rented cloud infrastructures—for a full spectrum of the most demanding distributed computing tasks. And you can manage, monitor, and deploy all of these with one set of management tools.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG can run across multiple platforms, but also takes deep advantage of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® capabilities like clustering, I/O, and virtualization for optimal performance and quality of service.