High-performance, deterministic, low-latency computing

For the most time-critical workloads, “close enough" isn't good enough. For instance, in the highly competitive financial services market, milliseconds make the difference between a trade and a lost customer. In these environments, consistently fast response times are a huge competitive advantage.


Consistent low-latency response times

Red Hat® Enterprise MRG Realtime provides the highest levels of predictability for consistent low-latency response times to meet the needs of time-sensitive workloads. For most customers, a properly tuned, standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux® system provides acceptable levels of determinism.

New levels of determinism

For applications with extremely demanding latency requirements, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime provides new levels of determinism by optimizing lengthy kernel code paths to ensure that they don't become bottlenecks. This allows for better application prioritization, resulting in consistent, predictable response times for high-priority applications.


Highly deterministic performance

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime is a platform for applications which require deterministic responses to events. It provides a replacement kernel for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and a small set of tools for tuning applications. Realtime is intended for applications that can't tolerate significant deviations in response to events.

High-resolution actions

MRG Realtime includes support for timers with nanosecond accuracy.

Full application compatibility with standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux

MRG Realtime does not modify anything in the user space of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So it preserves full compatibility with applications certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux—any application that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux will also run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with an MRG Realtime kernel, without any modification or recompilation.

Uninterrupted services for high-priority processes

MRG Realtime includes more fine-grained tuning control. For example, you can schedule network processing at higher priority than disk and storage processing. And there are scheduler enhancements to further guarantee that higher-priority processes get enhanced priority handling.


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