Cloud Computing with Red Hat

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing changes the economics of IT by enabling you to pay only for the capacity that you actually use. In partnership with Amazon, Red Hat offers Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). By offering a dynamically allocated server resource with the leading open source operating system, Amazon and Red Hat provide a complete hosting platform that is immediately accessible and secure. With a consistent subscription model, operational capabilities, and technology, Red Hat makes it simple to move applications between internal clouds and public clouds.

Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 through:

Red Hat Cloud Access

Available to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Premium (24x7) subscribers, the Red Hat Cloud Access feature of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription provides enterprise customers with the choice of leveraging the value of their subscription either on-premise or at Premier Red Hat Certified Clouds, including Amazon EC2.

With Red Hat Cloud Access, customers have the ability to use the advantages provided by public cloud providers, while continuing to benefit from the high level of support delivered directly by Red Hat.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux On Demand Instances

Capacity on-demand is a core benefit of the cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hourly Beta provides access to the world's leading open source operating system on Amazon EC2 for customers looking to get started today with limited up-front costs.

Regardless of method above, you will receive access to the same base images (AMIs) and updates within the Amazon EC2 cloud. The variable elements are support-level capabilities and cost.

Choose the method that best suits your needs:

Whether you use Cloud Access or direct On Demand Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions, you get access to certified Red Hat images and updates within all Amazon EC2 Regions. All infrastructure usage for both offerings is billed by Amazon.

Cloud Access feature of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Premium subscriptions

This is for customers who:

  • Are a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Premium subscriber and contact Red Hat directly for technical support of those subscriptions
  • Are expecting a longer-term relationship with Red Hat in the cloud and want to benefit from higher levels of support, more predictable costs, and lower costs for Red Hat Enterprise Linux usage
  • Want a high level of technical support and responsiveness from Red Hat, and may want to deploy their subscriptions in any Amazon EC2 datacenter


Red Hat Enterprise Linux On Demand Instances

This is for customers who:

  • Do not have current Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions and want to use on demand subscriptions and pay only for what they consume.
  • Want to benefit from Amazon's highly secure and available cloud infrastructure, including technical support from Amazon for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and backed by Red Hat's world renowned support organization.