Security: Access control

Control use of systems and data

All the data, programs, and physical devices that compose a computing environment are critical resources, and controlling access to those resources is a crucial security challenge.

Security support and updates

Granting access to a resource is contingent on authenticating the user requesting the access and determining whether they are authorized to make the kind of access that they are requesting.

SELinux and MAC

Some operating systems rely on password protection, course-grained permissions, or ad hoc application controls to implement access control. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® offers Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), a revolutionary and more powerful approach, built directly into the Linux kernel. SELinux provides mandatory access control (MAC), a security feature crucial for a trusted operating system. And Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 have both received Common Criteria validation as such.

JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform

JBoss® Enterprise Data Services Platform provides operations that are consistent with the datacenter-wide view of identity and authentication. This lets applications apply fine-grained access controls directly to information processing business logic.

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