What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Desktop?

An in-depth look at new technical capabilities

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Desktop gives you everything you expect from an enterprise desktop solution—and more.

  • Secure and extensible option for business desktops and laptops

  • Multiple workspace support for your organization

  • Full set of productivity applications for email, messaging, and browsing

  • OpenOffice.org communication and presentation tools that are completely compatible with Microsoft Office

  • Availability of top enterprise application clients


New features

Enhance your productivity, security, and flexibility with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6:

  • OpenOffice.org 3 suite

  • Email (OpenChange MAPI client capability)

  • NetworkManager mobile network connection management

  • Cisco IPsec client compatibility

  • Smart card support

  • Encrypted disk (Linux Unified Key Setup)

Native Linux desktop
  • OpenChange gives Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) access to Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • Enjoy greatly reduced boot times; improved laptop suspend, resume, docking station, and projector support; and a complete update of all desktop applications.

  • Get accelerated 3-D graphics and multi-monitor support.

  • A new version of OpenOffice.org includes support for the ISO standard OpenDocument format (ODF 1.2), Microsoft Office import functions, and many other improvements to appearance, ease of use, and functionality.

  • Printing improvements include better printing, printer discovery, and configuration services. Monitoring ink and toner supply levels is easier, and automated discovery of PostScript printers simplifies configuration.

  • SPICE is a remote-display system that provides the ability to remotely view a desktop via a low-cost, thin client.

Internationalization (i18n)
  • Intelligent Input Bus (IBus) is the default input method framework for Asian languages.

  • im-chooser allows easy enabling and configuring of system input methods.

  • Indic Onscreen Keyboard (IOK) enables input using InScript keymap layouts and other 1:1 key mappings.

  • Improved font support includes updates for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indic, and Thai language fonts.

  • X Access Control Extension (XACE) prevents unauthorized communications between multiple windows on the same desktop.