Open source in U.S. government in 5 minutes, 10/15/12

Gunnar Hellekson, technology strategist for Red Hat's US Public Sector Group, presents a timeline of the government's relationship with open source technologies. Learn more in this article.

Interesting facts:

  • Big stretch in the '90s where not much happens, then Obama Administration comes to the White House.
  • Popular press makes the government using Linux® sound like a brand new idea, but they've been doing it comfortably for 10 years.
  • The Department of Defense (DoD) took time passing rules allowing open source software use, while the Department of Energy was just doing it, and had been for some time.
  • A 2009 DoD memo stated that open source software is safe to use and has attributes that should be encouraged—was the final measure needed to legitamize open source in government.

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