Red Hat Polymita acquisition FAQs

Red Hat announced that it has acquired business process management (BPM) technology developed by Polymita, a Barcelona-based provider of business process management solutions. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the acquisition.

Why has Red Hat made this purchase?

Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a platform designed to enable business users to collaborate with IT to improve business execution. The recent introduction of BPM capabilities into BRMS has expanded its reach to a much wider business community.

The acquired Polymita technology brings complementary BPM capabilities that are designed to improve the productivity of business users. The combination of JBoss Enterprise BRMS with Polymita technology helps position Red Hat as a leading vendor in the BPM marketplace.

What is Red Hat’s plan with respect to the acquired Polymita technology?

Red Hat intends to develop an integrated product roadmap to leverage the Polymita technology as part of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio.

What is Red Hat's open source strategy for the acquired Polymita technology?

Red Hat's goal is to make key parts of the acquired Polymita technology open source. As we move forward with open source plans, we expect the acquired Polymita technology to be combined with some of the existing JBoss community projects, to evolve as independent projects, or a combination of both.

How do the acquired Polymita technologies fit into Red Hat’s cloud strategy?

Rich web-based development and business-monitoring tools are ideal for cloud-based deployments. Polymita technology has been tried and deployed in the cloud infrastructure. The compact and efficient nature of JBoss Enterprise BRMS has already enabled its wider adoption in the cloud environment.

The combined products are synergistic and highly capable of supporting cloud-based deployments.

What does this mean for existing JBoss customers?

JBoss Enterprise BRMS customers can expect expanded capabilities with a richer user experience and enhanced appeal to business users.

What does this mean for existing Polymita customers?

This acquisition is expected to deliver the strengths and benefits of open source and JBoss technologies on a converged BPM product. Existing Polymita customers will continue to receive maintenance and support for the software and professional services for their Polymita implementations from Polymita. Over time, these customers will be offered renewals for additional support and services from Red Hat.

When will we see a converged roadmap?

We plan to have a converged roadmap this year.