Red Hat Enterprise MRG industry use cases

Industries where Red Hat® Enterprise MRG is leveraged frequently include:

Red Hat Enterprise MRG can also be used in cooperation with cutting-edge technologies, such as:

Financial services

Nowhere is the adage "time is money" more applicable than in financial institutions. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime's deterministic response times equate to competitive edge. With increasing international fair-trading regulations, more pressure is placed on today's financial institutions to deploy systems with consistent response times.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime

The trading industry is experiencing explosive growth in trade volumes and shrinking trade size. Red Hat Enterprise MRG's Realtime capabilities deliver the low-latency solution required by trading firms to cope with this volatility.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging

Red Hat Enterprise MRG also provides a high-speed Messaging solution using Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), which is optimized for the Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime kernel to help Wall Street address its need for low-latency, high-performance infrastructure.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid

Red Hat Enterprise MRG's Grid and high-throughput computing (HTC) capabilities give your financial services company the power it needs to process intensive workloads, like Monte Carlo algorithms. And, by enabling scheduling to local and remote grids, rented cloud capacity, and cycle-stealing from desktop PCs, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid gives you the flexibility to make use of all available computing capacity.

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Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime

Military command and control deployments have a strong need for predictable, low-latency response time. Increasingly, Real-Time Specification for Java™ (RTSJ) compliance is a requirement in this vertical, making the combination of IBM WebSphere Real Time or Sun Java Real-Time System and Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime a compelling platform for real-time Java.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging enables reliable and fast messaging capabilities—even for multigigabyte messages—for distributing crucial information.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid and HTC capabilities give you the computational power needed to process intensive workloads and make use of all available computing resources.

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The growing use of IT in healthcare is driving up the amount of data that need to be exchanged. Traditional message transports for Health Level Seven International (HL7) either don't scale (MLLP, FTP) or are proprietary and expensive.

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging implements the open AMQP standard to provide a valuable, scalable message transport. Additionally, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid provides a powerful platform for conducting scientific research and processing complex workloads.

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Reliable processing of network traffic within extremely tight time constraints is the hallmark of the telecommunications vertical. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime is the industry's leading Linux® commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) offering based on upstream technology.

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Most, if not all, workloads and environments can benefit from virtualization. But how do you leverage virtualization if:

  • You have thousands or tens of thousands of heterogeneous servers running different applications?
  • You have high variability or seasonality in your workloads?
  • You want to use additional resources that aren't in your datacenter?
  • You want to treat your datacenter as a computing utility or internal cloud?

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid's integrated support for virtualization lets your enterprise manage virtualization in large-scale deployments and integrate them with nonvirtualized workloads and cloud infrastructures. Red Hat Enterprise MRG's grid scheduler can automatically handle virtualization management tasks, like starting, stopping, or live-migrating a virtual machine. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid's support for features like prioritization and backfill can also further optimize usage when deploying virtualization technologies.

Cloud computing

Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid includes integrated support for scheduling jobs to Amazon EC2. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid's scheduler can automatically:

  • Instantiate capacity in the cloud.
  • Send jobs and data to the newly available capacity in the cloud.
  • Execute and monitor the jobs in the cloud.
  • Retrieve and handle job results.
  • Tear down the capacity in the cloud when the job has finished.

This capability lets your enterprise add capacity dynamically to existing datacenters when you need additional processing power.

Alternatively, if your company isn't able to fully use a local grid, you can leverage Red Hat Enterprise MRG to instantiate a grid dynamically on-the-fly in the cloud for the times that you do need access to a grid. And with Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid, you can seamlessly blend cloud-based infrastructures with local infrastructures.

High-performance computing (HPC)

Based on the Condor scheduler, Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid offers the most advanced and scalable platform for HTC and HPC, with capabilities like:

  • Scalability to run the largest grids in the world.
  • Advanced features for handling priorities, workflows, concurrency limits, utilization, low-latency scheduling, and more.
  • Support for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from sub-second calculations to long-running, highly parallel (MPI) jobs.
  • The ability to schedule to all available computing resources, including local grids, remote grids, virtual machines, idle desktop workstations, and dynamically provisioned cloud infrastructures.