3,000+ Red Hat Virtualization Enabled ISV Applications

Red Hat® has a broad ecosystem of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) whose over 3,000 applications are today enabled to run on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization through our certify once, deploy anywhere partner pledge. Thanks to our large ecosystem of partners, our customers can benefit from the new technologies and cost savings associated with our efforts to promote open source virtualization.

When Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 in March 2007, a powerful integrated virtualization solution was delivered to every Enterprise Linux operating system customer. We have seen Red Hat's integrated virtualization used in all manner of deployments -- from single servers used in QA and development environments to large database systems deployed in mission-critical production deployments and all the way up to large-scale cloud deployments.

Today, Red Hat continues to improve on our open source virtualization technology. Our goal is to make virtualization easy for partners to support our platform. This allows our mutual customers to deploy and consume our joint technology easier, while enabling increased operational choice, flexibility, and efficiency. In keeping with the theme of certify once, deploy everywhere, software partners can be assured that their Red Hat Enterprise Linux-supported applications are able to deploy in a Red Hat virtualized platform. Through our efforts to maintain binary compatibility, we are giving you - our partners - an unprecedented market reach when delivering applications while providing world-class performance, security, and stability.

ISV Partner virtualization briefing

Partners, download a briefing designed just for you.

Red Hat makes it easy to deploy virtualization. Our pledge to our software partners: Certify your applications once on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a supported hardware platform and follow documented public Application Binary Interface (ABI) guidelines and we guarantee that your certified applications will run under Red Hat virtualization technology without any modifications or additional testing.

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