The Importance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to ISVs

When your application is supported and certified to run on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6, you can join with us in new market expanding conversations with customers that help you grow your business. If your competitors are slow to move or only have UNIX or Windows solutions then you can bring an important alternative to your target customers. There are major shifts in customer buying patterns and customers continue to look for more efficient and modernized IT solutions. Aligning to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 helps you tap into the growth and modernization of IT as customers move to virtual and cloud computing.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 brings ISVs new opportunities in:

Growth and Volume

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is important to you because your support for it will put you in a great position to make more money for your company. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 allows you to reach brand new customers with benefits and value that expand what we have already achieved with previous releases. The results have been excellent: in 2009, a very tough economic year, Red Hat was able to grow our top line revenue by 15% when other operating platforms were experiencing double digit decline. With the major trends toward virtual and cloud computing we are poised to expand our growth into brand new markets. The software business has always had a tendency to follow the volume. We have dominated the Linux market, are continuing to displace UNIX/RISC platforms, and are increasingly competitive in Windows environments capturing an ever-increasing portion of the market. This creates an excellent volume footprint on which to base your ISV business decisions.


Customers are looking for solutions that protect their future. They want to have a modern IT infrastructure and on this front Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 delivers. We provide huge leaps in value when it comes to helping customers gain more fine grain control over their IT infrastructure, and are helping customers to lower their costs while they improve performance, security, reliability and availability. This release has dozens of new features that improve reliability and availability for enterprise and mission critical workloads taking full advantage of the rapid enhancements in hardware platforms from strategic Red Hat OEM and technology partners. We are helping customers to lower their power and cooling expenses and reduce their datacenter footprint. Improvements in virtualization especially in concert with our Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offering mean that customers can build out highly efficient server infrastructures with the ability to rapidly provision virtual machines, conduct server failover and load balancing, and deploy server templates as easily as copying a file. You can manage this at scale with the support of our RHEV-M management products. A free-standing software-based hypervisor combined with powerful management lets you build out a modern infrastructure not possible with hardware-based partitioning or container techniques. This is precisely the kind of evolution software needed to help build cloud based on-premise and public cloud solutions. To future proof your IT architectures, the enhancements in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 help prepare you for the future while delivering proven results today.


While the vast majority of applications run unchanged on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and are readily certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, there are many ways to take advantage of new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to improve performance and add new capabilities to your application(s).

Some examples of the new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 include the gcc 4.4 compiler (you may find the new automated parallelization with OpenMP especially interesting), enhanced KVM virtualization, power savings from the tickless kernel, fine grained resource control through cgroups, enhanced support of NUMA, support for more memory and more processors, transparent huge pages, and the latest versions of numerous packages and tools.

Help Your Customers Lower Costs

Many legacy hardware and software platforms are much more expensive than an alternative platform from Red Hat running on mainstream standards-based hardware. This has been a long-standing Red Hat Enterprise Linux advantage. But Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 accelerates affordability in brand new ways. One of these is to support higher-end applications and workloads which previously could only run on more expensive UNIX-RISC systems. In addition, we have all seen the advantages of moving to hardware/software platforms that can consolidate workloads onto fewer servers. Improvements in KVM (kernel virtual machine) performance combined with higher I/O performance and throughput with SRIOV and NPIV make even high-transaction workloads viable candidates for virtualization and increased consolidation.

Fine grain control of your environment can lower your customers' expenses and operational costs. Examples of improvements in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 include support for a tickless kernel that allows the application stack to avoid wake ups and reduces overall power consumption. An improved scheduler and better resource management in the kernel with the Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) and Control Groups (CG) help to further reduce costs.

All of these factors reduce the amount of money customers need to pay for their hardware, software, and operating costs which in turn frees up more wallet to be spent on your high value application solutions.

Brand Visibility

We are looking for ISVs to help us tell the story that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has features beneficial to your customers, this kind of visibility can really help to accelerate your business growth. As a member of the Red Hat Reference Program, you will have the opportunity to participate in various activities that will capture your experience with Red Hat and promote your success as an industry leader.

The Red Hat Reference Program provides you with the opportunity to interact with your peers and showcase the innovative ways you have utilized technology to improve the way you do business. Some of the benefits include:

  • Thought Leadership: Establish yourself as an industry leader by demonstrating your use of open source technology, best practices, and innovative solutions to achieve business success. Attract the attention of company executives within your industry.
  • Information Exchange: Build your own professional network by interacting with peers, analysts, industry experts, and members of the media. Share open source implementations and technical successes/challenges with other customers.
  • Marketing: Gain visibility and promote your business by giving Red Hat permission to include your story in various forms of marketing collateral.
  • Program Appreciation: Participate in member appreciation events, panels, private receptions with Red Hat executives, and other exclusive activities at events including Red Hat Summit and JBoss World.

Read more about the partner reference program and see all the benefits available to our partners:

You should also make sure that your company and certified applications are visible in the Red Hat Partner Locator. Please contact your Partner Center administrator to make sure that your listings are up to date to take full advantage of this branding opportunity on Red Hat's web site. If you are unsure who your administrator is for Partner Center and Partner Locator listings, please contacts us at

Making the Journey Easy

We look forward to helping you as you conduct your testing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and move towards certification. We have standardized practices for helping you fix any bugs you encounter by submitting bugzilla reports, and with this Resource Center we will be reaching out to you our ISV partners on a regular basis to provide education and support. We encourage you to tap into our training, attend our webinars, and leverage the ready access to our software.

Red Hat is committed to helping you support your application(s) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and we are confident that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will pay huge dividends for your business. We look forward to sharing our mutual success.

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