Brazil’s Ministry Of Health Gains Greater Security And Reliability With Red Hat

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April 14, 2011

Customer: Ministry of Health

Industry: Government
Geography: LATAM
Country: Brazil

Business Challenge:

To ensure total security in the operation of applications

Migration Path:

Sun Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux; Tomcat to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform


JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Dell Edge R900 servers


Increased information processing, application performance, security for applications, and the reliability of the Ministry of Health’s programs for the general public; Achieved an approximate savings of 80 percent when compared to proprietary software; Received enhanced technical support from Red Hat Global Support Services


The Ministry of Health is the federal agency responsible for organizing and preparing public plans and policies related to healthcare for Brazilians. Brazil’s National Health System (SUS), coordinated by the Ministry of Health, is one of the largest public health systems in the world. It ranges from simple outpatient care to organ transplants, ensuring comprehensive, universal, and free access for the country’s entire population.

Business Challenge:

Because the Ministry of Health was using several different systems, which hindered some tasks and functions, it wanted to standardize its environment.

In order to standardize, as well as increase information processing, application performance, security for applications, and the reliability of its programs, the Ministry of Health selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. These mission-critical programs include the People’s Pharmacy, Platform Brazil, the Disease Notification System (SINAN), the Certification of Social Assistance Bodies in the Area of Education (CEBAS), and the National Health Card. The constantly fluctuating volume of data stored for the operation of these programs is enormous, as it contains information on every person who uses the public health service, as well as health professionals.

In addition, the Ministry of Health had an urgent need to prevent system failings while managing this data. Red Hat was selected as the solutions provider that would guarantee the optimal functioning of the Ministry of Health’s platform.


With these goals, the Ministry of Health found the ideal solutions provider for its needs in Red Hat. In addition to providing a complete offering with an operating system, middleware platform, and management tool, Red Hat also provided consulting, training, and technical support services to guarantee the implementation and operation of the new environment.

In addition to migrating all of the Ministry of Health’s applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, the Ministry of Health will also migrate its database to Red Hat solutions. All the applications are monitored and managed by JBoss Operations Network, which allows greater control of the environment and ensures greater availability.

Red Hat Consulting is responsible for planning and executing the migration following best practices for security. The migration process will include the use of a virtual environment in the implementation phase. The Red Hat Consulting team has prepared templates that allow each virtual machine running the new environment to be delivered in an average of 15 minutes, plus five more minutes per application, ensuring faster delivery of new systems.


This new standardized environment will offer a higher level of security and stability, while simplifying implementation, administration, and maintenance processes. The Ministry of Health also expects increased system performance and speed.

With the adoption of Red Hat, the Ministry of Health is saving about 20 percent of what would be implemented with proprietary software solutions.

Red Hat Consulting, Red Hat Training and Certification, and Red Hat Global Support Services, considered to be a reference on the market, are also greatly benefiting the Ministry of Health. “We are supported by consultants who are speci-alists in the entire migration process and the implement-ation of the new environment, with a service level suited to the Ministry of Health’s demands,” said Jose Marques. “Red Hat offered us total support and consulting, giving our team enough background to manage the new environment with full efficiency.”

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