Brightcove Utilizes Reliable Cloud Storage to Power Video for Tens of Thousands of Websites

December 7, 2011

Customer: Brightcove

Geography: North America
Country: United States

Business Challenge:

To partner with a provider that provides efficient, reliable, and scalable storage of media at a cost that meets their business needs


Red Hat Storage


Easy to deploy and manage; Cost savings due to the technology’s open source model; Data is stored under a single global namespace; Provides the ability to seamlessly scale during times of increased activity without affecting performance; Data is highly available through the use of replication with the ability to survive hardware failures


As the leading cloud content services company, Brightcove provides a family of highly reliable products to meet the most demanding business requirements of the world’s top organizations and brands and enable these organizations to publish and distribute professional digital media. The Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform has quickly become the cloud-based platform of choice for media companies, businesses, and organizations in over 50 different countries. Since its inception in 2004, Brightcove has been focused on providing its customers with the most reliable, secure, and responsive service possible. Its wide range of features and vast array of ecosystem partners enables it to offer everything from mobile video and iPhone solutions to third-party player plug-ins, innovative ad formats, and pre-built integrations with CMS systems, ad servers, and ad networks.

Business Challenge:

Brightcove continues to experience surges in content being uploaded to Video Cloud as the company continues to scale its operations and grow its customer base around the world. The company has a proven track record in providing a highly-available web-scale service. Brightcove’s amazing growth rate means it needs a storage solution that does not require a lot of time to deploy and maintain. At the same time, the quantity of video content is growing rapidly, requiring Brightcove to scale on demand without sacrificing performance or service availability.

“Our mission at Brightcove is to publish and distribute the world’s professional digital media,” said Rich Paret, director of systems engineering at Brightcove. “The efficient storage of that media is mission-critical for us, and with the amount of data that we have coming in every day, our previous storage was unable to provide the reliability and scal-ability we required at a cost that met our business needs.”


With the amount of data Brightcove needs to store, the company knew it would be beneficial to select a storage solution that enabled it to store under a single global namespace with elastic scaling capabilities. Additionally, Brightcove wanted a storage solution that delivered limitless scalability and high availability. As Brightcove is a cloud-based platform, the company selected a storage platform designed for cloud environments. “When evaluating solutions, scalability and resiliency were some of our top considerations. Red Hat Storage provides a cost-effective solution that achieves both,” said Paret. Brightcove also was pleased to find Red Hat Storage is an open source storage solution that is able to meet its storage demands, providing the technology necessary to address hyper growth without breaking the budget. “Red Hat Storage hits the sweet spot for us with its combination of open source software and commercial support and delivers the scalability and reliability our business requires.”


It is essential for Brightcove to maintain its reputation for providing a high-performance and highly dependable platform for its customers. Red Hat Storage has the ability to provide a 100-percent uptime with nonstop configuration enables Brightcove to uphold this reputation. Using commodity hardware and open source software like Red Hat Storage allows Brightcove to build a simple, reliable storage platform that scales to meet business demands. Additionally, Brightcove is able to add storage transparently without affecting the end user. With Red Hat Storage, Brightcove is able to add a node of storage in less than five minutes under a single global namespace.

The Red Hat Storage subscription model also allows Brightcove to address its storage needs cost-effectively. “At Brightcove we are focused on providing our customers with best-in-class solutions,” said Paret. “Red Hat Storage helps us continue offering cost-effective solutions without having to sacrifice performance and reliability.”

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