Data Warehouse Builds more agile, Private Cloud with Red Hat CloudForms

September 19, 2013

Find out how a large enterprise data warehouse company used Red Hat CloudForms to create a private cloud that including automated provisioning and self service for developers and testers, enabling them to build, test, and release new product versions faster.

Geography: North America
Country: United States



Business Challenge:

Defining the Problem

One of the world’s largest enterprise data warehouse and analytics companies wanted to accelerate product delivery by creating a private cloud for its development and quality assurance teams. With more than 8,000 employees and more than 2,600 installations worldwide, the company is focused on creating enterprise agility through database software, enterprise data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, and analytics, and provides software for enterprises around the world.

While the data warehouse company had state-of-the-art development and testing tools, strong processes, and advanced methodologies, the building and configuring of test environments was both time and resource consuming. This was mostly because the business applications use large databases and are built for high volumes of users. As a result, the business applications introduced delays.


Finding a Solution

The company decided to build a private cloud that would enable automated provisioning and self service for the developers and testers, enabling them to build, test, and release new product versions faster. Reducing the time to market for new versions of the company’s software would
increase agility and result in a competitive advantage. The company formally and thoroughly evaluated available private cloud management solutions in its lab with hands-on participation from the development and testing teams.

Because Red Hat CloudForms solutions outscored and outperformed all other solutions evaluated, the company decided to select the leading provider of enterprise cloud management and automation solutions.

The CloudForms solution was rapidly implemented and the company’s private cloud was up within days. The teams began using CloudForms to request test systems, and found that the automatic provisioning and efficient placement of the new “mini” data warehouses increased their productivity. After provisioning, the teams used CloudForms to self manage and operate their environments until the tests were completed, and then to retire the systems and resource



The CloudForms enterprise cloud management solution has enabled the company to:

  • Dramatically increase productivity and the use of the private cloud
  • Reduce product release cycles by enabling self-service, with automated delivery and intelligent placement increasing the efficiency of the development and test teams
  • Accelerate service delivery and lifecycle management through automation, eliminating manual processes and dramatically reducing test environment delivery times from weeks to minutes
  • Maximize IT investments and improve staff productivity by reducing operational complexity, applying adaptive automation and continuous resource optimization
  • Ensure resource availability and performance through intelligent workload management combined with performance monitoring, predictive analytics and policy-based automation
  • Increase resource efficiency through lease enforcement and aging and automatic retirement with resource reclamation
  • Provide governance and process control through automated and exception-based approvals combined with quota enforcement and reservation management
  • Deliver cost transparency with usage tracking, showback, and chargeback reports

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