European University Institute Migrates to Red Hat Solutions to Increase Reliability and Obtain Substantial Cost Savings

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July 25, 2011

Customer: European University Institute (EUI)

“Educational organizations are under increased pressure to cut costs. Red Hat’s solutions offered EUI reduced costs and operational expenditure without compromising service or expertise,” said Michael Goerke, Computing Service, EUI.

Industry: Education
Geography: EMEA
Country: Italy

Business Challenge:

To replace the company’s existing point-to-point integration architecture and address the proliferation of personal and individual data


Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and JBoss® Enterprise SOA Platform


Increased flexibility, enhanced security, reduced licensing costs and operating expenses


The European University Institute (EUI) was created in 1972 by the six founding Member States of the European Community to provide advanced academic training to doctoral researchers and to promote research at the highest level. Opening its doors to the first researchers in 1976, the organization focuses on research from a European perspective in economics, law, history, politics, and social sciences.

Business Challenge:

As the organization continued to expand, EUI was interested in a solution to address the proliferation of heterogeneous user data managed by its single enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. The organization’s existing point-to-point integration architecture had become redundant, as it was unable to service EUI’s ever-changing workflows. The company sought enhanced flexibility and heightened security to track how its resources were being used and to provision and transfer individual data securely.

“As our ecosystem of professors, students, and visitors continued to expand, our legacy system was no longer able to service the needs of the company,” said Michael Goerke, Computing Service, EUI. “We needed a system that could better support and add value to our community but did not require significant investment in proprietary licenses.”


With the help of Red Hat partner Visionest, a business process management (BPM) provider, and the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, EUI has been able to manage the integration between software applications and heterogeneous data sources. Developed by Visionest with Red Hat technology, the solution has radically changed the integration architecture through using end-to-end service provisioning process as its starting point.

EUI implemented JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform to enable the distribution of necessary information and coordinate the services offered to individuals associated with the Institute. The system, which collects data from heterogeneous sources such as the student and staff databases, compiles Master Data Management (MDM) of the electronic identities on site, enabling the institution to track how resources are used and providing the necessary data to the security systems.

MDM has become the only reliable archive for all provisioning, authorization, and indexing processes of individual data inside the complex EUI infrastructure (IT services, training, and residential support). Building upon JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, Visionest has developed a Central Person Registry (CPR) application based entirely on the Red Hat solution, to offer EUI users maximum freedom in developing and implementing organizational rules and processes. Visionest worked with EUI to develop its “a>PLUS” platform, a powerful BPM framework built entirely on JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform technology, delivering robust process management applications.


Through enabling the integration of multiple applications and IT security systems, the CPR application offered EUI ease of administration along with change management.

Within the CPR system, user data derived from multiple management applications is consolidated and shared through a wide set of rules and a complex provisioning process that provides information and support to the security systems. CPR integrates organizational processes to streamline IT resource allocation through governing and orchestrating connected applications. Immediately after re-modeling the process and its business rules, EUI benefited from simplified integration processes and a more immediate and powerful provisioning solution. By implementing the Visionest “a>PLUS” platform, EUI has also succeeded in achieving enterprise-class reliability and security at a reduced cost.

“This migration marks the first phase of the adoption of open source solutions across our entire infrastructure,” said Goerke. “Positive feedback from the Institute’s users and employees has confirmed our initial expectations of choosing open source technologies to achieve high levels of flexibility, reliability, and stability, often higher than those of proprietary solutions.”

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