Ikano Bank is More Efficient with Red Hat Storage

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April 24, 2014

Ikano Bank turned to Red Hat for a clustered software storage solution, increasing availability of services and reducing system downtime.

Customer: Ikano Bank

“Choosing Red Hat technologies was important to our organization because of the security of the solutions and lack of vendor lock-in.“ - Zdenek Sedlak, infrastructure architect, Ikano Bank AB

Geography: EMEA
Country: Sweden

Business Challenge:

Ikano Bank needed a highly available storage solution while updating data management processes.


8-core blades with 256GB memory and FC storage


Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Storage Server provided a clustered storage system that achieved better server performance and reduced system downtime.

Business Challenge:
  • Update internal data management processes with a high-availability storage solution
  • Incorporate better manageability and failover features into a new file storage server
  • Choose a reliable solution with professional support available
  • Deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Storage Server for a clustered software storage system
  • Integrated the new solution with the company’s technical standards
  • Worked with Red Hat Consulting to prepare an optimal storage configuration for the organization
  • Increased availability of services for customers
  • Decreased customer data batch processing time
  • Reduced system downtime by eliminating single points of failure
  • Achieved better server performance when accessing data by distributing the data in clusters
  • Eliminated service windows required for patching storage systems

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