Leading European IT Provider Builds Robust Mobile Cloud with Red Hat Technology Stack

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April 5, 2012

Using Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the company built the Ixonos Elastic CloudTM, which allows its customers to create their own virtual machines and enables cloud application development.

Customer: Ixonos

“The certified and supported solutions stack provided by Red Hat—from virtualization technology to the operating system and application engine-is the foundation of our Ixonos Elastic Cloud service." Jari Kekkonen, Business Development Director, Ixonos

Geography: EMEA
Country: Finland

Business Challenge:

In 2011, Ixonos was looking for a technology partner to build a robust cloud environment for web and mobile application development.


Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux 6; Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3; JBoss ® Enterprise Data Services Platform; JBoss ® Enterprise Application Platform; JBoss Enterprise Web Server


Dell PowerEdge 710 HD; NetApp storage solution with fibre channel


Using Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization, JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the company built the Ixonos Elastic CloudTM, which allows its customers to create their own virtual machines and enables cloud application development.


As a leading creative mobile and online solutions provider, Ixonos develops wireless technologies, software, and solutions. A sampling of Ixonos customers include global wireless technology suppliers, mobile device and consumer electronics manufacturers, and telecom carriers. With offices in Finland, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, South Korea, and the United States, Ixonos Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. In 2011, the company’s annual income was 81.4 million EUR, with operating profits of 1.9 million EUR.

Business Challenge:

Platform-as-a-Service provides innovative solution for demanding web and mobile services

Ixonos customers need to be flexible and scalable when developing and running web and mobile services in the cloud. Recognizing the demand to help customers with efficiency and innovation, the company built Ixonos Elastic Cloud, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Ixonos Elastic Cloud covers a wide range of platform needs for demanding web and mobile services. It also manages development to operations--including a dynamic computing infrastructure, modern application engine, and integration capabilities.

To lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these applications developed in the cloud, the service was set to offer all-inclusive service-level agreements(SLAs) up to 99.9% of coverage time without any up-front investments or long-term financial commitments for customers. To achieve these goals, Ixonos required a robust and scalable platform to deploy and run its customers’ applications effectively. In addition, Ixonos was looking for a long-term partner to provide high-performing and cost-efficient technology to help deliver these innovative services to its customer base.


Ixonos builds mobile cloud with Red Hat technology

In order to develop and run web applications effectively, Ixonos required a Java-based middleware platform that could meet the tough criteria outlined for its cloud services. The cloud services team within Ixonos, as well as several of its top customers, had a successful history deploying several solutions within the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio. Because delivering the Ixonos Elastic Cloud service to its customers required a robust and high-availability platform, Ixonos turned to Red Hat to solve its critical business needs. Ixonos selected JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, a proven and trusted middleware platform running on top of a reliable infrastructure stack.

“Because we had a history utilizing Red Hat solutions, our search naturally gravitated toward JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, as we needed a proven and supported technology that had been thoroughly tested in an enterprise environment,” said Jari Kekkonen, business development director at Ixonos. “There was really no viable alternative to Red Hat.”

As Ixonos further planned its technology roadmap, it soon realized a virtualized infrastructure was required for dynamically distributed computing resources running effectively across various customer applications. Because of its trust in Red Hat technology, Ixonos selected Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to deploy its virtualized environment due to the platform’s high performance, scalability, enterprise management, and cost efficiency. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization maintains an attractive business model and open development model without vendor lock-in, and this factor expedited Ixonos’ choice.

Finally, deciding on a core operating system platform for cloud services was an easy decision for Ixonos. “We have deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux throughout enterprises around the world, and it’s certified to run with both Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which offers us the ability to get a full stack for our cloud from one vendor, making our technology and support combination high-performing and easy-to-manage.”


Ixonos cloud provides scalability, robustness,and security for deployed online services globally

In 2011, the company launched its Ixonos Elastic Cloud, based on a virtual environment using the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization solution. The reliability, performance, and flexibility benefits of the Red Hat-based cloud were quickly recognized throughout the company and externally as the Ixonos Elastic Cloud became a popular destination for Ixonos customers developing web and mobile applications in the cloud. The physical infrastructure to support the virtual environment includes over 30 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor hosts. Each host server is a two-socket multi-core Dell PowerEdge 710 server, configured with 128 GB of RAM and connected via the fibre channel protocol (SAN) to the NetApp data storage solution that provides easily scalable storage capabilities. The deployment supports over 400 virtual servers running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system supporting a variety of workloads.

Already, Ixonos has several applications running on the cloud service, including an application integration hub for a well-known Finnish media company. This hub provides a centralized platform for the company’s vast collection of data and utilizes JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform, which is also available through its Ixonos Elastic Cloud. In addition, the hub offers a set of tools that give organizations’ applications and business processes the ability to easily integrate and use data from several sources. In the first year of its existence, Ixonos Elastic Cloud was the first public cloud service in Europe to become a Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider, ensuring a trusted environment for enterprise cloud deployments.

“The certified and supported solutions stack provided by Red Hat--from virtualization technology to the operating system and application engine--is the foundation of our Ixonos Elastic Cloud service. It provides the scalability, robustness, and security that is required by demanding, globally deployed online services and applications,” said Kekkonen. Ixonos looks to Red Hat, especially for its virtualization technology, to pave the way to faster and more reliable mobile solutions. They value the high availability, workload mobility, and ease-of-use of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager, the single pane of glass virtualization management system. “Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization has enabled our company to utilize APIs in order to provide a self-service portal allowing cloud customers to create their own virtual machines and ready-to-use application platform instances to run applications in the cloud,” said Kekkonen. “Through this self-service portal, we plan to extend the full automation and control capabilities of Ixonos Elastic Cloud. This is an example of how we are able to make a difference in the technology footprint of our customers. We couldn’t have achieved our overall organizational goals without our partnership with Red Hat.”

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