Rumbo Improves Performance of Web Platform with JBoss Enterprise Middleware

August 4, 2011

Customer: Rumbo (Red Universal de Marketing y Bookings Online, S.A.)

“We are fully satisfied with the migration to JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Red Hat has adapted uniquely to our needs, providing greater control and maximum capability in all systems,” said Ramón Mateos, CIO & CTO, Rumbo Spain and Portugal.

Industry: Tech Online
Geography: EMEA
Country: Spain

Business Challenge:

To renew the application’s server platform in order to achieve greater functionality for the company’s web infrastructure


Replace proprietary solution with JBoss® Enterprise Middleware, for both the Rumbo back office and front office platform


JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat® Training and Consulting


Increased functionality, high availability, enhanced performance and scalability, greater control over platform management


With more than two million customers, Rumbo is Spain#39;s leading online travel agency. The company, owned in equal shares by Telefónica and Orizonia Corporación, has a turnover of more than 485 million euros (2010) and sells tickets for all airlines (including low-cost), provides access to more than 85,000 hotels worldwide, and offers its customers train tickets, package holidays, cruises, car hire, and travel insurance, among other items.

Business Challenge:

As the popularity of online travel increases, the number of Rumbo website users and the average duration of website visits has grown exponentially. Rumbo’s legacy system struggled to support the sustained increases in web traffic, and as the company expanded its services and availability to new countries, the company realized that an upgrade of its existing system would be critical to both short-term and long-term business growth.

Rumbo's legacy system, a proprietary application server platform, was unable to service the company’s increasing requirements for scalability and was unable to grow alongside the company. The company examined the potential of unifying its key middleware infrastructure into a single solution, as these had been operating via two different proprietary solutions. Both the back office platform, which serves the company’s internal applications, and the front office platform, which supports Rumbo’s web site, are critical infrastructures in the company, supporting the core objective of the entire business: online travel booking. Because the Rumbo business model is predicated exclusively on its website, accounting for generating 100 percent of its sales, the renewal of this platform was not only an operational goal but a highly strategic decision as well.

During the selection progress for the new platform, Rumbo’s technical team took several factors into account. The company needed a reliable infrastructure capable of delivering high performance for escalating levels of web traffic. In addition, it desired greater functionality and optimum applications control without increased platform costs. Besides meeting all these requirements, the open source business infrastructure of JBoss Enterprise Middleware was of particular value to the Rumbo technical teams, as it enabled the IT department to take advantage of the system’s open source capabilities while offering similar levels of certifications, standards, and support of enterprise-class software.


The process of migrating from Rumbo’s legacy web platform took place in two stages. In the beginning, Rumbo migrated its back office infrastructure, which included the company’s intranet and all its internal applications and processes, to JBoss Enterprise Middleware. During this process, the Rumbo technical team was able to familiarize itself with the JBoss portfolio and experience its stability, functionality, and performance first-hand. As a result, after six months, Rumbo decided to expand the project by migrating the application servers, which served its entire web platform, to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

“The web platform is the most important infrastructure to our company because it is the primary source for generating sales and interact with customers. Any failure to this platform would immediately result in a loss of income to the company, so we needed a solid and reliable platform,” said Ramón Mateos, CIO & CTO of Rumbo.

The current Rumbo middleware platform is composed of application servers based on the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which enables management of the company’s web and intranet applications, both front end and back office. Also, thanks to the JBoss Operations Network, the Rumbo technicians have an advanced management platform for administering and controlling the entire applications infrastructure.

During the process of planning, implementing, and migrating the platform, Red Hat worked in close collaboration with the Rumbo team to ensure the project’s success. Red Hat also provided the Rumbo technicians with several training sessions to familiarize themselves, and expand their knowledge of JBoss solutions.

“Red Hat Consulting supported us throughout in designing the application server architecture and resolving any queries and incidents during the installation. The knowledge and ability shown by the Red Hat Consulting team was a great help in this process and contributed significantly to successfully addressing a migration of this caliber. Their support was a great added value and resulted in significant savings in time and cost to implement the platform,” added Mateos.


By migrating its application server to JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Rumbo has achieved significant improvements in the functionality of its web platform and all its corporate applications, without increasing its costs.

Thanks to JBoss Operations Network, Rumbo has achieved greater control over its platform management, monitoring the operation of its applications and identifying potential incidents. In addition, there has been an improvement in the administration of its systems and ensured the availability of a critical platform.

“Following the commissioning of the new platform, we have seen major improvements in the performance of our infrastructure, which is vital to our business success. Also, the optimum scalability of the present platform allows us to respond rapidly to momentary increases in our web site traffic,” concluded Mateos.

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