Telecinco Migrates UNIX Systems and Java Platform to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware

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January 21, 2011

Customer: Telecinco

Geography: EMEA
Country: Spain

Business Challenge:

To update and consolidate the entire corporate IT infrastructure, including business-critical applications and management tools


Telecinco refreshed its hardware and software infrastructure based on a combination of solutions from Red Hat, HP, and NetApp, as well as other IT solutions certified by Red Hat and integrated by Telefónica


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Network Satellite, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Operations Network, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Informix Dynamic Server 11, and NetApp Snapmanager


HP Proliant DL580 G5 servers and Blade servers


Telecinco benefits from a high-performance, highly reliable, flexible platform based on industry standards and has reduced its operating costs by 33 percent“Our decision to migrate to Red Hat solutions has been one of the best technology decisions in recent years. The project is aligned with a wider company strategy and has put us ahead of development in the market.”– María Caldés, Director of Engineering and Systems, Telecinco


Over the last few years, Telecinco has established itself as the leading commercial TV channel in Spain. A combination of programming for the general audience; a high level of in-house production; extensive coverage of national, foreign, and independent news; as well as an advertising strategy that meets the communication needs of its advertisers have all made Telecinco one of the most profitable broadcasters in Europe. Telecinco has recently expanded its broadcasting portfolio by setting up new digital channels La Siete, Factorandiacute;a de Ficciandoacute;n, Boing, and, most recently, Cuatro and Gran Hermano 24h, with the aim to attract new viewers and expand the audience reach of its main channels. Telecinco is owned by the Italian group Mediaset (50.1%) and is listed on IBEX35 on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Business Challenge:

Telecinco operated an infrastructure based on Sun Solaris, which was supporting its mission-critical applications, including its advertising rates applications. Telecinco’s platform supports highly dynamic applications that require a large amount of system resources. The platform is highly critical with the slightest downtime of services leading to a considerable loss of income for the company and therefore requires 100 percent availability.

Telecinco carefully approached the complete overhaul of the infrastructure. This was an extensive project of great significance to the broadcasting company, and it involved highly mission-critical business applications. Telecinco was looking for an architecture that would offer comparable or superior reliability to the Sun Solaris platform.

Telecinco selected Telefónica, a Red Hat partner and one of the world’s leading IT services, hosting, datacentre consolidation, and virtualization services providers, as a systems integrator for this complex project. Telefónica’s proposal integrated Red Hat’s solutions and services and included implementing a consolidated architectural solution with availability, reliability, and performance guarantees that exceeded Telecinco’s requirements. The proposed solution also allowed the company to increase the flexibility of its IT infrastructure and reduce costs.

Telefónica has worked on this project as an official Red Hat partner and as the provider of virtualization solutions, including TCloud.
According to Telefónica, the company has dedicated significant resources to be the leader in virtualization technology, with a particular focus on the virtual private cloud market.


The Telecinco Systems team, in cooperation with Red Hat and Telefónica, deployed a completely new infrastructure, where Red Hat solutions are integrated with HP server hardware, NetApp storage, data network, and SAN communications. The components of the solution are distributed over two datacentres that are connected by redundant fibre optic links for data networks and storage to guarantee availability and disaster recovery. The solution is designed to reduce or completely eliminate unique failure points and thus guarantee high availability of the system.

Red Hat worked closely with Telefónica to design a platform that met Telecinco’s reliability and performance requirements. A three-tiered software infrastructure was installed on top of independent HP rack servers. The first operating system layer is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The intermediate layer between the operating system and the applications is JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, which manages the transactions between the applications’ user interface and the databases located in the cluster. Red Hat provides high database cluster availability with its clustering technologies. The clusters guarantee high availability of the databases that support specific mission-critical applications as well as internal applications (online management of television schedules, advertising broadcasting, financial control, and management, etc.).

To rationalise and consolidate the server base, Telecinco decided to virtualize parts of its infrastructure. Virtual servers run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the host operating system running JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and web front-end applications in production, development, and pre-production environments.

In collaboration with Telefónica, Red Hat also provided consulting services for the architectural design of the solution. Furthermore, Red Hat Consulting worked directly at the Telecinco offices to introduce the Red Hat solutions to Telecinco’s technicians. The technicians completed various training sessions, which consisted of standard Red Hat Training courses as well as customised courses.

“People often think open source solutions include spending endless hours searching the Internet for a solution every time they come across a problem,” said David Leva, systems project manager, Telecinco. “After implementing enterprise open source solutions from Red Hat, combined with Red Hat Consulting and Red Hat Training, I could not think of anything further from the truth. The Red Hat team has supported us at all times with its knowledge and professionalism.”


Telefónica and Red Hat have provided Telecinco with an infrastructure that is highly available, stable, and reliable, guaranteeing all SLAs required by the company. Red Hat’s standards-based architecture and certification process, which covers major hardware and software vendors, provides the broadcaster with an important competitive advantage. In addition, Telecinco is well positioned to choose any applications platform in the future due to the infrastructure’s optimal flexibility.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and JBoss Operations Network have been tailored to Telecinco’s business needs, contributing to the overall flexibility, performance, and scalability of the platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware also provide the security of a stable platform with a clear product roadmap. For example, the binary interfaces (API/ABI) are held stable for the full lifecycle of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux release, providing stability and reliability for Telecinco’s IT systems.

Red Hat’s subscription-based open source business model has also provided significant cost savings to Telecinco, which was one of the critical factors contributing to the company’s selection of this solution. Telecinco’s infrastructure consolidation project with Red Hat has increased the performance of applications, accelerating them up to three times for processes involving the use of heavy resources. Telecinco has also achieved a 33 percent audited reduction in operating costs and savings of up to 74 percent in hardware maintenance costs. There has also been a significant reduction of 45 percent in electricity consumption due to the migration to new hardware. Because of the high availability of Red Hat solutions, contingency times have also improved considerably.

“We have made important steps toward our final goal of a high-performance, efficient, highly available datacentre,” said Faustino Rodríguez Pereira, systems department manager, Telecinco. “With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware, we have also kept abreast of the current market trends. The migration from the UNIX operating system to Red Hat was not a problem, but an opportunity to provide our company with the best technology available on the market. An important concern of each IT department is security, and Red Hat Consulting has successfully addressed this concern by providing infrastructure management solutions, including Red Hat Network Satellite, and securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss Enterprise Middleware servers on our extranet. The consulting services have been truly brilliant.”

“Red Hat Network Satellite allows us to maintain previously unseen management levels of our Red Hat servers,” said Leva. “We can keep our hosts updated by programming the application of patches. In addition, we can also manage our configuration files and store different versions, which allow us to restore all the changes made very quickly. Thanks to personalized installations with kickstart templates, we have been able to homogenize our environments and create our own software channels for simple application of patches via the web.”

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