UDN Shopping Builds Robust E-Commerce Website with JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

December 19, 2011

Customer: UDN Shopping

Geography: APAC
Country: Taiwan

Business Challenge:

To build a successful online shopping experience with high stability and strong system performance


JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform 5.1


HP x86-based servers ProLiant DL380


Gained an incredible return-on-investment (ROI) of 300 percent, increased performance, and built a high concurrent user rate


UDN Shopping, a member of the United Daily News (UDN) Group, was established in 2010 and provides customers with products that strongly represent Taiwan. The hope is that customers get the most authentic, distinctive products available in the region. UDN Shopping is a comprehensive commerce platform, showcasing more than 300,000 items and offering customers secure transactions with personal privacy protection, rapid shipment of products, and supreme customer service. The United Daily News Group has one of the largest readerships in Taiwan. Over the past 60 years, the United Daily News Group has adhered to the spirit of objective independence, supplying readers with first-hand news information. This has made the United Daily News Group the premier choice for readers in Taiwan.

Business Challenge:

After 60 years of leading the Taiwan media industry, the United Daily News Group decided to expand their business model to include online shopping. In the highly competitive online shopping market, the United Daily News Group needed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing a highly stable and high-performing online shopping experience. The company understood that these factors were extremely crucial to business growth.

As a leader in the media industry, United Daily News Group also wanted to become a leading e-commerce platform provider throughout the greater China region. To achieve this goal, the company understood that service quality and vendor support of the platform were going to be the keys to continuous business success. Therefore, UDN Shopping set out to acquire a cost-effective, high-performing commercial solution to support these new business initiatives.


UDN Shopping evaluated a number of open source and proprietary solutions that could offer the flexibility and stability that its e-commerce platform required. They felt that proprietary applications didn’t offer the cost-effective price that they were looking for in long-standing partner. In addition, UDN Shopping was looking for a platform that could provide a fault-tolerant, high-availability architecture.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is enterprise-ready, supported, and tested — and these features are instrumental in providing UDN Shopping customers with a superb online shopping experience.

In the end, the company selected JBoss Enterprise Application Platform — with built-in session replication function — to provide extremely high performance and high availability in a cost-effective way. Deploying JBoss Enterprise Application Platform resulted in 300 concurrent users in a single node, with the company targeting more than 2,000 concurrent users in an eight-node cluster. In the end, not only is the front-end web system benefiting from JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, but additional UDN Shopping departments (such as customer support, help desk, and product administration) are reaping the rewards as well.


Prior to migrating to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, UDN Shopping’s IT department risked running an unsupported community solution, which could result in scalability and performance issues. Now, the company can safely rely on a high-quality, certified solution.

Due to the powerful nature of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, UDN Shopping’s application deployment is on less hardware and generates high throughput. Now there are more than 40,000 daily unique visitors, with page views of near 300,000, and more than 80,000 transactions per day — compared to only hundreds of users and thousands of transactions with the previous solution. In comparison with other proprietary solutions, UDN Shopping has been able to achieve a 70-80 percent cost reduction using JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. Furthermore, the Red Hat enterprise subscription model meets the company’s needs with faster, more accurate, and more valuable support. In short, UDN Shopping was able to achieve a high-performance, highly reliable, and highly scalable platform with Red Hat technologies and support.

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