Vilogia Overhauls IT Infrastructure and Integrates Data in Real Time with JBoss Enterprise Middleware

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June 21, 2012

With plans to unify its heterogeneous IT landscape, Vilogia wanted to partner with a new middleware solution provider that that enabled real-time data integration, increased performance, and greater responsiveness to customer service initiatives.

Customer: Vilogia

“Using JBoss Enterprise Middleware has greatly improved our work. By vastly improving the speed of data integration, customers’ information is now shared in real time.” -Laurent Savage, project division manager, Vilogia

Industry: Other
Geography: EMEA
Country: France

Business Challenge:

With plans to unify its heterogeneous IT landscape, Vilogia wanted to partner with a new middleware solution provider that that enabled real-time data integration, increased performance, and greater responsiveness to customer service initiatives.

Migration Path:

JBoss Application Server and the community version of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 4.3 to JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform and JBoss Operations Network


JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Operations Network, Red Hat Consulting


Heterogeneous servers,depending on the type of applications


Several solutions from the JBoss Enterprise Middleware portfolio proved the ideal solution for the real estate group.


Founded in 1943 in Lille, a city in northern France, Vilogia is a real estate group, owning and managing more than 71,000 properties and offering both private and social housing throughout France. Vilogia builds more than 1,000 houses and apartments each year and provides services to 3,500 companies and their employees through Action Logement (1% Logement). The company undertakes various projects, such as development, project management, construction, sale, and rental, supporting both companies and individuals. Located in 200 cities, Vilogia is highly involved in urban development and planning. As a leader in social housing, it offers tailored solutions to the specific needs of customers.

Business Challenge:

Open source technology lays foundation for IT strategy
Since 2009, Vilogia has been growing rapidly through mergers with other real estate companies, resulting in a very heterogeneous IT infrastructure. The software and IT tools used by the company, either proprietary or internally developed, ran on multiple sources. This led to the need for a multi-faceted, yet consolidated infrastructure. In fact, the IT landscape was based on several operating systems supporting applications that needed to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Vilogia’s system also communicates with external information systems, such as call centers receiving technical and administrative requests from tenants. The complex web of language tools and applications slowed down communication significantly. In January 2010, Vilogia decided to launch a project that would overhaul the entire IT landscape.

First, this new initiative was started with Vilogia’s customer records department. The department’s records consolidate six sources of information consisting of tenant claims. Given the number and variety of servers used, Vilogia was experiencing an information processing delay due to communication problems between various business tools. A lag in information processing resulted in delayed responses to tenants—sometimes up to 24 hours after the claim was submitted. A one-day turnaround time made it nearly impossible to resolve critical tenant issues, such as damaged water pipes, broken windows, and gas leaks.

“As part of the overhaul of our system, we needed a middleware layer that would allow us to integrate its various parts,” said Laurent Savage, project division manager at Vilogia. “Until then, communication within the system resembled a dotted line, with programs always copying the information from one application to another, clogging our system, and reducing the responsiveness to our customers. We had to solve this problem in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve performance.”

Because Vilogia successfully deployed open source software in the past, including JBoss Application Server, the community version of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, the company was looking to benefit from the flexibility and scalability of additional open source technologies. At this point, Vilogia decided it was the right time to revamp its IT system in a cost-efficient manner.


The transition from community versionto platform is seamless
It wasn’t long before Vilogia’s IT team decided to migrate to the enterprise-ready, supported, and certified version of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. The company’s IT team also selected JBoss Operations Network to be its primary, integrated management platform. JBoss Operations Network enables Vilogia to simplify the development, testing, deployment, and monitoring of its new environments, while maintaining an inventory of resources from operating systems to applications. To benefit from Red Hat’s expertise and experience, Vilogia also employed Red Hat Consulting to accelerate project completion and optimize knowledge transfer.

“The diversity of our businesses and our complex infrastructure demands a middleware solution that enables projects to run smoothly,” said Savage. “Speeding up data integration and processing of customer queries in real time were essential to improve our responsiveness and customer satisfaction. Red Hat Consulting was very flexible and professional and led our team in charge of the project to tailor the solution to our specific needs. We also enjoyed the support of a Red Hat consultant as the single point-of-contact, who was always on hand to work on critical aspects of the project.”


Red Hat’s subscription base business model results in cost savings
Vilogia has improved the speed of information processing, leading to real-time data integration and ensuring consistent customer information. It has also realized significant cost savings as a result of the Red Hat subscription-based business model. In addition, the choice of open source allowed Vilogia to overcome proprietary vendor lock-in while implementing cutting-edge technology.

“We are delighted to have opted for open source software and Red Hat’s solutions and expertise in particular,” said Savage. “JBoss Enterprise Middleware allowed us to open up and simplify the communication between applications and reduce system coupling. While it used to take us nearly 24 hours before we started handling customer claims, we are now able to process them in real time. Being customer-friendly and offering superior support have been among Vilogia’s core values for over 70 years, so it was vital to complete this project successfully. Our goal was to raise the level of customer satisfaction by becoming more efficient, and we can say that this objective has been fully achieved. The project has helped us adopt a new way of building, managing, and modernizing our IT infrastructure.”

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