Vizuri Partners with Red Hat to Deliver Middleware Solutions that Drive Healthcare Innovation

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April 21, 2009

North American Non-profit Medical Research Organization; Vizuri, a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

Customer: Vizuri

Industry: Life Sciences
Geography: North America
Country: United States

Business Challenge:

Aggregate critical information, reduce operational costs, and increase performance to internal and external users, and increase availability of research to a wider audience, through the use of a foundational portal platform.



JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (32-cpu), JBoss Rules (32-cpu), JBoss jBPM (32-cpu), Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, JBoss Developer Studio, Alfresco ECM, Alfresco WCM

Vizuri is a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner and Preferred JBoss Certified Systems Integrator that specializes in advanced technology and business solutions. The consulting firm has experience with implementation spanning Identity Management (IdM), Business Process Management (BPM) , Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Enterprise Messaging, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Portal, Web 2.0, Seam, and RichFaces. Vizuri is a consulting firm committed to delivering innovation by utilizing open source solutions to provide cost-effective, enterprise solutions for strategic client initiatives.

Business Challenge:


The Red Hat and Vizuri partnership helped a non-profit medical research organization complete a side-by-side evaluation and selection process that compared the benefits of open source software to proprietary software. Together, JBoss and Vizuri were able to deliver substantial cost savings to the customer which allowed them to leverage Alfresco Enterprise Content Management.
The Red Hat and Vizuri solution was selected as a finalist against IBM Websphere and BEA Weblogic. Vizuri hosted a proof-of-concepof the JBoss Portal Platform, to showcase real world business situations that included many third-party applications to be integrated into the customer’s unique environment.
During the proof-of-concept , Red Hat and Vizuri simulated Integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) leveraging Oracle Identity Management (IdM) with PKI, and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) from Alfresco that met the customer’s requirements.
By presenting related customer experiences, Vizuri was able to show how the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform with Single Sign-On integrated with Oracle and Alfresco ECM.


Ultimately the non-profit medical research organization selected the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, JBoss Rules, and JBoss jBPM, to deliver an integrated technology platform that will increase the customers ability to aggregate information, increase performance and meet the needs of its internal and external customers and also bring significant cost savings to the company.
Moving to the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform was an essential first step in implementing the non-profit medical research organization’s initiative, as multiple diverse systems and data sets needed to be integrated to collect, process, and disseminate all the relevant customer and operational information.
Because the integrated solution is based on open source industry standards, the customer was able to leverage legacy and custom developed applications that were integrated seamlessly as part of the overall solution.
The Red Hat and Vizuri team identified work flow and rules management gaps due to the different types of research grant application processes and the complex rules for awards. JBoss Rules, JBoss jBPM, and Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (WCM) capabilities were presented in a similar business case scenario that met the stringent requirements and customer needs.
Displaying the impact and value of open source relationships, Red Hat and Vizuri worked with Alfresco, to provide Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM). Two solutions that positioned the customer for growth that would not have been able to be considered due to limited financial resources, if the customer selected proprietary solutions.
“Our ability to provide a robust Portal Platform capable of complex technology integrations coupled with proven client solutions, enabled the non-profit medical research organization to trust that professional open source was strategic to their organization,” said Joe Dickman, Managing Director, Vizuri.


The non-profit medical research organization needed to modernize its infrastructure, and put a plan in place to build next-generation systems that would allow for agility, growth, and efficient daily operations.
From the very beginning of the project, the partnerships between Vizuri, Red Hat and Alfresco were vital to the success of the deployment. “Through the value of open source, we were able to work effectively and with a strategic mission to standardize and enable next-generation systems, that were positioned for growth,” said Dickman.
“With the costs saved from selecting the open source solution JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform, the customer had the ability to purchase the Alfresco solutions,” said Dickman, “The functional advantages and the value of open source software, gave the customer more options than the customer would have had available with a proprietary solution.”
The company did not want to implement legacy and complex custom development projects in a non-standard environment. Te JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform delivered the tools to develop and establish a solid portal reference architecture that simplifies the integration of disparate systems and data.
“The JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform comes with everything we need to enable simplified integration of disparate systems and data. This platform serves as the foundation for many of our client solutions and we trust Red Hat to align with our future objectives and customer needs, and to deliver solutions for innovation,” said Dickman.
The company is also very pleased with the partnership it has forged with Red Hat. Other Red Hat clients can now leverage the experience Vizuri gained during its work with the company, “It’s a win-win situation for both of us,” said Dickman.

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