JBoss Enterprise Insights, Issue 10, October 2010

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Issue 10
October 2010

Craig Muzilla,
Vice President, Middleware Business Unit
Red Hat

Red Hat PaaS: Build any way, deploy anywhere

Vendor lock-in is a primary concern for IT executives investigating proprietary middleware solutions. And it's no different when they are evaluating cloud computing. Interoperability and portability are key factors in the decision-making process. To that end, Red Hat recently announced its vision for a comprehensive platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. This solution is part of Cloud Foundations, a portfolio that will promote consistency between enterprise applications and the cloud.

Based on JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Red Hat� PaaS is designed to be a solution within the portfolio that allows enterprises, cloud service providers, ISVs, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to take existing assets, as well as newly developed applications, and deploy them to a wide range of public and private clouds.

Building on our , deploy anywhere. We recognize that organizations have made substantial investments in developer skills and in developing custom applications using Java Enterprise Edition, PHP, Groovy, Spring framework, GWT, and a variety of other languages and frameworks. The �build any way� concept of our strategy demonstrates our support of all of these models, as well as the models of the future that will surely materialize as programming continues to evolve.

Whether it's an on-premise, public, or a hybrid cloud model, organizations should be able to leverage the same workload on Red Hat Enterprise Linux�, Amazon EC2, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Windows Hyper V, and many other currently available environments--even those that emerge in the future. By enabling portable cloud services, Red Hat PaaS can deliver greater flexibility, lower costs, and leverage existing investments.


Red Hat PaaS services will offer powerful application and integration runtime services whose APIs can be used by application developers when they build applications. Each service can be run and scaled independently from the container, allowing developers and administrators to customize the application runtime environment for any given application and its workload. These services span application development and integration requirements including: application, data, transaction, presentation, messaging, integration, rules, and business process services.

With Red Hat PaaS, customers and service providers can:

  • Reduce the cost of developing, deploying, and managing applications

  • More easily and cost-effectively scale application workloads

  • Optimize IT resources with a fit-to-task application infrastructure

  • Increase productivity by reducing application development, provisioning, and deployment times

  • Rapidly respond to change in demand by quickly and simply scaling resources up or down

Enterprises, cloud service providers, and ISVs can get started today by building and deploying integrated applications with JBoss Enterprise Middleware utilizing Red Hat Consulting Services. Delivered by our middleware consulting practice, the engagement will provide strategic recommendations and on-site technical expertise setting up middleware as a service in any cloud environment. Each Red Hat cloud engagement is deliverables-based, actively engages in-house teams, and leaves them with the tools and expertise needed to successfully maintain and enhance their new cloud environments.

If you're interested in learning more about PaaS now, you can request that a JBoss sales representative contact you. I also recommend taking a look at the following resources to learn more about what�s possible with PaaS:

Best regards,
Craig Muzilla
Vice President
JBoss Middleware Business Unit
Red Hat


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