Leadership 2-Socket TPC-C Performance and Price/Performance using Red Hat Enterprise Linux


The Transaction Processing Council's Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) system benchmark, TPC-C, simulates a complete environment where a population of terminal operators executes transactions against a database.

The latest TPC-C benchmark result released by IBM:
1. Achieves the best TPC-C Performance for a 2-socket server system (as of
April 2012) = 1.5 million tpmC
2. Achieves the best TPC-C Price/Performance for a 2-socket server system (as of April 2012) = 0.53 $ / tpmC


1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 operating system
2. DB2 ESE 9.7 database, and
3. IBM Flex System x 240 server system

This benchmark result is a demonstration of the close and continued cooperation between IBM Corp. and Red Hat Inc. to showcase the superior combined performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and DB2 running on IBM’s Intel Xeon-based System x servers.

Download the reference architecture to learn more.