Red Hat support stories

Calls with our CEO

With some companies, support is just an afterthought. But at Red Hat, support is within the engineering organization, and it's a vital part of the overall Red Hat® subscription value. Support is top of mind for everyone, including Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's president and CEO.


Jim worked alongside our North America support team in Raleigh, NC, taking calls as they were received in real time. He also spoke about the importance of our customers to Red Hat. He and Marco Bill-Peter, vice president, Global Support Services, talk about the unique Global Support Services model that positions Red Hat as a collaborative partner with our customers.

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The Red Hat Customer Portal is the award-winning digital platform that delivers enterprise product knowledge, subscription resources, and technical expertise that can come only from Red Hat.


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Date: May 2, 2014

Length: 3:36
Language: English