Theoretical underpinnings of Common Criteria, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and procurement for the US government

December 15, 2011

Norman Mark St. Laurent
Senior solutions architect, Red Hat Federal

Red Hat® is committed to providing secure and stable software that can be easily used in security-sensitive environments. We work closely with US government customers and security specialists to ensure that Red Hat products are certified for government use and are easily accredited by the appropriate authorities.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is the most certified operating system available today. Through its history, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has passed the Common Criteria process 13 times on 4 different hardware platforms. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has received Common Criteria certification at Enterprise Assurance Level 4 (EAL 4+) under the controlled access protection profile (CAPP), label security protection profile (LSPP), and the role-based access control protection profile (RBACPP), providing a level of security and a feature set that was previously unheard of from a mainstream operating system.