Value of a Red Hat Subscription

Stable. Secure. Scalable. Red Hat subscriptions provide enterprise-ready solutions that can be confidently deployed to manage even your most mission-critical applications.

Get the story behind the subscription model in our 'Why Subscriptions?' video. Associates from Red Hat's engineering, support, and product marketing organizations explain the finer points of signing up:

Why Subscriptions?

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Open source innovation is happening now

  • New technology
  • Improved Features
  • Security updates
  • Additional hardware and software support
  • Errata fixes

A Red Hat subscription allows you to take advantage of these innovations from the most trusted source of open source technologies. A subscription ensures that you benefit from open source at your own pace and receive ongoing value from your investment.

Red Hat subscriptions give you access to the latest technology as it's tested and released. This includes upgrades to newer releases at no additional charge for as long as your subscription is active. Your subscription also includes access to Red Hat Network, an efficient solution for managing, updating, and supporting your systems. And finally, you get the reassurance that Red Hat will stand behind and support each product version for seven years.

Your subscription includes more than just software. It includes:

  • Thoroughly tested and quality-controlled technology
  • A large and growing ecosystem of certified software applications and system hardware
  • Red Hat Network for fast and easy deployment of software and updates
  • New releases as they become available over the life of the subscription
  • The latest features, bug fixes, security errata, and new hardware and software support
  • Flexibility--subscriptions are transferable, allowing you to upgrade your system hardware with no penalty
  • A library of tips, best practices, troubleshooting advice, and the latest technical information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux, updated daily by Red Hat Certified Engineers
  • Intellectual Property Warranty coverage for the life of the subscription
  • Expert Red Hat technical support with multiple service level options

Red Hat subscriptions deliver value across four main areas:

Enhanced performance and security

Getting the latest technology means more than just delivering new features. Before Red Hat releases any update, it is thoroughly tested and quality controlled. This provides you with stable, tested performance enhancements that continually decrease your long-term total cost of ownership. Red Hat proactively delivers security fixes. This protects you against the hidden costs of securing your network. In addition, Red Hat works closely with top enterprise hardware and software vendors. By continually certifying new hardware and applications, you have greater choice in the technologies you deploy.

Streamlined systems management and maintenance

Red Hat Network is a web-based set of administration tools designed to simplify updating and managing your systems. Red Hat Network features management and provisioning capabilities that further increase the efficiency of your IT staff. Finally, Red Hat Network provides a choice of deployment architectures to add an even greater level of security and privacy.

Unlimited access to service and support

Subscriptions include on going service and support to guarantee your systems remain secure, reliable, and up-to-date. When you have a technical question, you'll speak to Red Hat Certified Engineers. Or you can access a self-serve knowledgebase of technical information. In addition, the subscription model holds Red Hat accountable for providing superior support because if you are not satisfied, you can choose not to renew. And for Red Hat, consistently interacting with our customers allows us to incorporate customer feedback as we create better technology for the future.

Lower deployment risk

Subscriptions are a better way to support your infrastructure as you grow. Rather than paying up-front for a software license that delivers diminishing value over time, the subscription model is designed so you pay as you go. You are delivered continuous value over the lifetime of your subscription. The value is access to new technology, improved features, security patches, bug fixes, and additional hardware and software support. It also includes the technical support you expect. A subscription reduces your financial risk, protects your investment, and makes your IT spending predictable.

Why subscriptions?

In the traditional model of software delivery, upgrades are costly, access to help is limited, there is no incentive for vendors to improve software between upgrades, and if customers want the latest technology, they haveto wait for the next release, whenever that is.

Red Hat has pioneered this model to give you low-cost, high-value technology as it's developed. The open source development model coupled with the subscription business model uniquely delivers tested and quality-controlled features, updates, and upgrades in real-time. Rapid innovation coupled with trusted delivery—this is how Red Hat delivers the unequaled value our customers have come to expect.

Subscription Benefits

  • Keep your systems secure - Get the latest, extensively tested security patches through Red Hat Network, our content delivery and systems management tool.
  • Access support you can trust - Deploy confidently with the backing of Red Hat experts. Each release is supported for seven years.
  • Automate everyday maintenance tasks - Save time and become more efficient with additional Red Hat Network capabilities.
  • Get the latest software faster - Access newly tested updates and versions.
  • Keep your technology under control - Simplify managing certifications and version control.
  • Get better performance and support - Improve performance. Systems running the latest updates will perform better and make issue-resolution easier.
  • Protect your investment - Spread costs and value over time, and protect your technology with Red Hat's Open Source Assurance program, our promise to replace software if there is an intellectual property issue.
  • Grow your technology infrastructure responsibly - Gain greater control over your investment. Subscriptions are an easier, more efficientway of doing business.

Subscriptions add value where licenses don't:

Subscription License
Access to updates, bug fixes, errata Included
Ability to upgrade to new releases at no additional charge Included
Intellectual Property warranty Included
Seven-year support for each product release Included