Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Red Hat HPC Solution

The Red Hat HPC Solution is a low cost, high performance computing solution designed for departmental clusters that exploit the power of industry-standard x86 64-bit hardware. It provides all the tools needed to deploy, run, and manage an HPC cluster in one easy to install package.

The challenge

Analysts, engineers, and scientists are constantly pushing the computational limits of current IT resources. In response, businesses are increasingly adopting and using High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters to gain a competitive edge. As a result, HPC is the fastest growing segment in the server industry today.

But building, deploying, and managing an HPC cluster has historically been a costly do-it-yourself affair that could take weeks to complete. It was a technically complex project that involved tedious software integration work, a high level of technical expertise, project planning, and patience by IT administrators. Then once it was installed, it required specialized IT skills to properly manage day-to-day use.

The solution

The Red Hat HPC Solution removes these barriers and opens up high performance computing to users and workloads where it was previously too complex to utilize. It's a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that includes the essential tools necessary to simply deploy, run, and manage an HPC cluster.

The HPC Solution improves on other Linux-based cluster management toolkits by augmenting production proven technologies with intuitive, yet powerful, management tools. These tools remove the need for highly specialized IT skills when installing the Red Hat HPC Solution. In most cases, installation takes less than an hour. Once deployed, the easy-to-use toolset removes the complexity of the ongoing management of the cluster. This reduces the lifecycle management costs.

The HPC Solution is a viable alternative to expensive supercomputers with proprietary architectures. It delivers maximum application performance on today's low cost, industry standard servers.

By simplifying cluster installation, use, and ongoing management, the Red Hat HPC Solution enables users investigating physical phenomena or simulating business scenarios to focus on getting the results they need sooner instead of worrying about IT .

Red Hat also has a solution for customers only looking for an operating system to use with their high performance computing cluster.