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RHEV for Servers datasheet (pdf)
Get the facts about using RHEV for server virtualization.
Dell and Red Hat Resources
Dell Linux Whitepapers
IDC Whitepaper - Red Hat Virtualization


RHEV for Servers: Pricing Quickguide (pdf)
See the simple steps to purchasing RHEV for server virtualization.


RHEV 3 features guide (pdf)
Examine the major RHEV features in this at-a-glance guide.


RHEV for Servers: Competitive pricing whitepaper (pdf)
Compare RHEV pricing to competitors in server virtualization.
RHEV for Servers feature comparison whitepaper (pdf)
Compare RHEV features to competitiors in server virtualization


RHEV Accelerator consulting program (pdf)
Get your RHEV infrastructure up and running fast with Red Hat Consulting.
RHEV Training
Take the RHEV training class and get certified.
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3. 60-day free test drive.
Optimize IT. Red Hat Virtual Event. Register Now.

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