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Basic access to Red Hat Network to patch systems. Included with all Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions.


Scale your Enterprise Linux or Solaris®? deployments with tools to make it so you can manage 1,000 systems as easily as 1.


Remotely deploy fully configured Enterprise Linux systems in minutes ratherthan hours, or quickly re-deploy existing systems to meet changing businessneeds.


Maintain system availability by tracking the performance of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and applications.

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Increased Productivity

Red Hat Network provides administrators with the tools to efficiently manage the systems on their network with an easy to use Internet-based graphical interface.

Reduced Costs

Red Hat Network lowers per-system, deployment, and management costs.

Enhanced security

Red Hat Network offers superior security by having a single centralized tool, secure connection policies for remote administration, and secure content.

Improved Consistency

Use Red Hat Network to ensure security fixes and configuration files are appliedacross your environment.

Red Hat Network Architectures

Red Hat Network has two types of architectures to choose from based onyour business requirements:


Individual systems connect with RHN via the Internet.


Enterprise-level solution where all management functionality and data is kept on your local network.

In addition, Red Hat Network Proxy servers can be added to either architecture for added scalability.