Red Hat Network Architectural Overview

Red Hat Network is available in two different deployment models, based on your system management needs and size of deployment:

Red Hat Network

Hosted model

The customer's individual systems connect with RHN via the Internet and exchange packages and information from the central RHN servers.


  • Intuitive web user interface makes it easy to manage systems
  • Hosted database repository
  • No additional infrastructure needed in your environment
  • Set up in only minutes
Red Hat Network

Satellite model

All Red Hat Network functionality is on your network, allowing you much greater functionality and customization. The Satellite server connects with Red Hat over the public Internet only to download new content and updates.This model also allows customers to take their Red Hat Network solution completely off-line if desired.


  • Includes an embedded OracleŽ database to store packages, profiles, and system information.
  • Instantly update systems for security fixes or to provide packages or applications needed immediately.
  • API layer lets you create scripts to automate functions or integrate with existing management applications.
  • Distribute custom or 3rd party applications and updates.
  • Create staged environments (development, test, production) to select, manage and test content in a structured manner.
  • Create errata for custom content, or modify existing errata to provide specific information to different groups.
  • Access to advanced features in the Provisioning Module, such as bare metal PXE boot provisioning and integrated network install trees.
  • Access to Red Hat Network Monitoring Module for track system and application performance.

Proxy Server

Red Hat Network Proxy Server is also available as an add-on for both Hosted and Satellite environments. The Proxy Server caches packages to speed downloads. In a Hosted environment, this can greatly reduce Internet bandwidth used. If you are using Satellite server, adding Proxy servers to remote locations that have many systems can improve scalability and performance.


Red Hat offers a 5-day Professional Services engagement to install and configure a Satellite server. A limited 3-day Professional Services offer is also available for Satellite.

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Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management is a 4-day intensive, hands-on class by Red Hat Global Learning Services. This class covers topics related to systems management, including the installation and use of RHN Satellite and Proxy servers.

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For pricing or product information about Red Hat Network, contact sales or call 1-866-273-3428 x45606.