Red Hat Network Update Module

The Red Hat Network Update Module, included with all subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, is the entry level offering from Red Hat Network. It allows you to: easily manage and update a single system, and to ensure timely access to updates from Red Hat.

  • Get updates directly and immediately from Red Hat, avoiding the wait and cost of other solutions.
  • Quickly, efficiently, and automatically update your systems from our intuitive GUI.
  • Ensure your systems are always updated with the latest security and functionality patches.


The following functionality comes with the Update Module:

  • Simple Web user interface
  • Priority email notification
  • Errata information
  • RPM dependency checking

For more information about these features, take a tour of the Update Module.

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For pricing or product information about this or any other RHN module, contact sales or call 1-866-273-3428 x45606.