2010 Red Hat Road Tour

Unlock the Value of the Cloud Today

at the 2010 Red Hat Road Tour

Join us for a complimentary half-day business seminar as Red Hat travels city-to-city this fall.

Sample Agenda

The exact schedule for each stop may vary slightly, but here's an idea of what this half-day event has in store.

8:00-9:00 Breakfast
Meet the Experts
9:00-9:45 Keynote: Unlocking the Value of the Cloud Today
9:45-10:30 Cloud Infrastructure Matters: Virtualization, Linux, and more...
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:30 PaaS, Present and Future:
The essentials for building, hosting, integrating and managing JBoss applications in the cloud.
11:30-12:15 Real World Perspectives
12:15-1:15 Lunch
Roundtables: Deeper conversations on relevant topics such as:
  • How to get started building a cloud
  • Virtualization management
  • Managing your cloud infrastucture
  • Security in a virtual world
  • Building applications for the cloud