Cygwin is a set of powerful tools to assist developers in migrating applications from UNIX/Linux to the Microsoft Windows platform. Cygwin delivers the open source standard Red Hat GNU gcc compiler and gdb debugger on Windows. In addition, it provides for a standard UNIX/Linux development environment on Windows including APIs and command shells. The Cygwin.dll library, included with Cygwin, delivers the interesting subset of UNIX SVR4, BSD, and POSIX APIs to enable quick ports of UNIX/Linux applications to the Windows platform.

Red Hat Cygwin is supported on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows since 2003 Server. Cygwin is available as both a 32- and 64-bit platform supporting 32 on 32-bit, 32 on 64-bit, and 64 on 64-bit installations.

What Can Cygwin Do?

With Cygwin, administrators can login remotely to any PC, fix problems within a Posix/Linux/UNIX shell on any Windows machine, and run shell command scripts. Sophisticated shell command scripts can be created with standard shells, such as sed or awk. Standard Windows command line tools can even be intermixed within the UNIX/Linux shell script environment to administer the Windows system. Over the years, UNIX/Linux system administrators have developed a large toolbox set of management scripts for their UNIX/Linux machines. Cygwin provides the ability to continue using these scripts on Windows machines.

Why Use Cygwin?

One of the largest problems developers face today is supporting their applications on disparate platforms. Windows workstations continue to be added to an environment already populated by Linux and other UNIX-based Operating Systems. Using Cygwin, developers can manage heterogeneous environments in a consistent, efficient way. Cygwin provides a standard UNIX/Linux shell environment, including many of its most useful commands to the Windows platform, so IT managers can effectively deploy trained staff and leverage existing investments in UNIX/Linux source code and shell scripts.

Download Cygwin Now

The Cygwin library, utilities, and numerous applications are available for free download under the terms of the GPL. Red Hat offers developer and user support for this software, as well as license contracts for the Cygwin library and its utilities. The Red Hat Cygwin official utility is available for both installation and automated updating. Separate versions for 32-bit Cygwin and 64-bit Cygwin are available.

Cygwin License Contract

A Cygwin License Contract provides you with:

  • the ability to distribute your applications without being bound by the GPL. You are not required to provide your applications in open source code form.
  • a license to distribute unlimited quantities of Cygwin libraries with your applications

Cygwin Developer Support

Red Hat provides GNUPro Professional developer support for developer teams developing applications using the Cygwin Environment.

Cygwin User Support

Red Hat provides professional support for customers user the Cygwin environment within their organization.

Cygwin License Buy-out

In order to maintain proprietary status for applications developed with Cygwin, customers must buy-out the Cygwin license from Red Hat. This is most often employed in conjunction with Cygwin developer support.

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