Cygwin User Support Technical Details

Fully Supported Packages

For fully supported packages, Red Hat will either supply an updated package from a current release that contains required fix or fix the bug in the source.

Fully supported packages include:
ash, base-files, base-passwd, bash, bzip2, clear, coreutils, cygrunsrv, cygwin, cygwin-doc, diffutils, ed, editrights, expect, findutils, flex, gawk, grep, guile, inetutils, less, libtool, login, man, mktemp, openssh, openssl, pcre, readline, sed, shutdown, tar, tcsh, termcap, vim, which, and w32api.

Partially Supported Packages

For partially supported packages, Red Hat will review the associated original open source repository for potential problem fixes and will port the fix from the original sources to Cygwin.

Partially Supported Packages include:
cpio, ctags, file, gettext, gzip, lynx, and zlib.

Additional Packages

The Red Hat Cygwin release includes numerous additional packages not already mentioned. These packages are updated periodically, but not generally supported beyond routine updates. Any packages not already mentioned fall into this category. Red Hat may support such other packages on a per-customer basis, as specified in a support contract or at Red Hat's discretion. A partial list of such packages includes, but is not limited to:

autoconf, automake, bc, bzip2, byacc, ccache, cron, crypt, cvs, cygutils, distcc, emacs, expat, gd, gdbm, groff, lftp, libiconv, m4, more, nano, ncftp, ncurses, perl, popt, postgresql, python, rcs, rsync, ssmtp, stunnel, sunrpc, tcltk, terminfo, texinfo, time, tzcode, units, unzip, wget, xientd, xorg-X11, zip

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