Focus on Stronghold Enterprise/Apache

Integrating a web server into a legacy infrastructure can be complex. You need experts to make sure it runs smoothly especially when your business data and reputation are at stake. With a heritage for pioneering web server development and an on-going commitment to the open source Apache project you can rely on Red Hat Apache experts for securing your Web commerce, intranets and extranets. Red Hat provides the following Apache Consulting Services.

Custom Porting

Build and compile Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 based Apache, or Stronghold for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1, for your specific infrastructure.

Performance Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Identify performance bottlenecks and tuning that will keep your web server running optimally.

On-site Installation and Configuration Consulting

Plan and implement a web server configuration based on your operational requirements.

Apache and Stronghold Customizations

Build a customized web server for your specific business needs.

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